Letter to the Editor

Keep lawn mowers off streets

Sunday, May 3, 2009

To the Editor:

I was thinking the other day about how some laws can be very unfair.

You see, my brother received an HTV "ticket" on an atv. That's hard to understand because htv is a felony and you don't get tickets for that. You go straight to jail.

Anyhow, the officer told him to drive the atv home after he got the ticket. I guess it must not have been that illegal for him to drive it home and it not get impounded. OK, to the point now.

If you can get HTV on an atv, why are all these lawn mowers still cruising around town?

They are not plated or have turn signals, and half the people don't have a license.

So how is it fair for someone to be facing two years or possibly longer for something that so many others get away with? Lawn mowers are for cutting grass! Not slowing down traffic in our streets.

Tabitha Evans,