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Northview places second at WIC track and field meet

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Northview's 4x100 relay team with (from left) Krista Stearley, Jessica Thacker, Annie Smiley and Elle Kleiber raced to the Western Indiana Conference championship.

Times Staff Reporter

Despite solid all around efforts, both Northview's boys and girls track squads were forced to settle for second place finishes to a powerful Edgewood squad at the 2009 Western Indiana Conference Track and Field Meet on Thursday night.

The girls were outraced by Edgewood by the score of 154-125. Head Coach Ryand Tucker said he was happy with the effort, but that complete satisfaction cannot come without victory.

"All around I'm pleased, but our expectations were to win," Tucker said. "But that doesn't always happen. I'm not taking anything away from our girls, but Edgewood was a better team tonight.

Overall, the girls took first place in three events. Shandi Travis won the highjump competition with a jump of 4'10, while the 4x100 M Relay team took first prize honors with a time of 52.96,

Also taking home first place was Samantha Solomon, who won the discus competition for the second consecutive year. She battled with Edgewood senior Niki Simms valiantly in both the discus and shot, as the two swapped first and second in each respective event. Solomon said tough competition made her second conference title more special.

"It was more satisfying to win a second time because I felt like I had more competition this year," the Northview junior said. (Simms) is probably the toughest competition I've faced this year.

The boys took home three top honors, taking second to Edgewood by a score of 180-113. Coach Chad Smith said his team's performance more than exceeded his high expectations.

Mitch Haviland placed second in the shotput for the Knights.
"We met our expectations," Smith said. "We knew going in Edgewood was awfully strong, but the teams beneath us to be closer than they were. Everybody stepped up and we had a great performance.

Both first-place finishes for Northview were by junior Conor Strain, who won both the 1600 and 3200 M relays. Strain, whose victories brought him his first ever conference titles in track, gave much of his credit to former teammate, John Latta, who graduated from Northview last year.

"I owe a lot to John," Strain said. "He trained a lot with me in the winter and really helped me get prepared for the season.

The Knights also placed in several other events. Notably, second-place performances were turned in by Michael Flora in the 400 M Dash and Joel Whittington in the 300 M Hurdles. First-place finishers in these events, James Craigmyle of South Vermillion and Derek Edwards of Edgewood both set record times in a WIC meet. Craigmyle also broke the conference record in the 200 M Dash.

The conference meet was the final tune up for each squad before next Tuesday's girls' sectional at Terre Haute North followed on Thursday by the boys' sectional. Smith said this meet combined with the overall fundamental improvement of his team over the course of the season had him feeling very confident heading into postseason play.

"We're heading in the right direction," Smith said. "As the season goes on, he have been getting faster and faster, and I hope we can send as many kids to regionals as possible.

Tucker also expressed confidence in how his team would perform, but seemed to think a sense of unfulfilled expectations would be the catalyst for a strong sectional showing.

"Some of the girls aren't happy," Tucker said of how his team felt of their second place finish. "I think the need for redemption will go a long way into seeing how we perform on Tuesday."

The Knight will return to action on Tuesday for the aforementioned sectional at Terre Haute North.

Edgewood 180, Northview 113, South Vermillion 113, Brown County 76, Sullivan 52, West Vigo 50.5, Owen Valley 39

4 x 800 M Relay- 1. Blake Hover, Cole Reinhold, Matt Mest, Caleb Goss (EW) 8:15.11 2. Dylan Allen, Josh Burton, Mike Dodson, Christian Ely (BC) 8:17.71 3. Tanner Brown, Damon Hyatt, Ryan Lutes, Connor Strain (NV) 8:48.53 4. Andrew Kump, Nathan Kump, John Wu, Jack Sanders (WV) 9:04.99

100 M Dash- 1. Derek Edwards (E) 11.46 2. Russell Peelman (SV) 11.85 3. Bjarne Snipsoyr (NV) 11.93 4. Shane Hedrick (BC) 11.94

110 M Hurdles- 1. Gene Bradford (S) 15.25 2. John Brown (E) 15.39 3. Andy Walsh (SV) 16.02 4. Joel Whittington (NV) 16.17

200 M Dash- 1. James Craigmyle (SV) 23.02 2. Chris Jackson (SV) 24.06 3. Dakota Hiatt (S) 24.31 4. Austin Ford (BC) 24.49

1600 M Run- 1. Conor Strain (NV) 4:30.17 2. Dylan Allen (BC) 4:37.35 3. Andrew Kump (WV) 4:43.3 4. Cole Reinhold (E) 4:46.6

4 x 100 M Relay- 1. Nick Cramer, Austin Deal, Tyler Randolph (WV) Shane Wycoff (WV) 45.85 2. Ethan Pruett, Brian Delo-Santos, James Klyzeck, Chris Good (E) 46.02 3. Sean Hauser, Damon Smith, Bjarne Snipsoyr, Joel Whittington (NV) 46.39 4. Jesse Burton, Austin Ford, Shane Hendrick, Adam Johnson (BC) 46.98

400 M Dash- 1. James Craigmyle (SV) 50.37, 2.Michael Flora (NV) 51.33 3. Brent Ray (E) 52.76 4. Logan Laswell (SV) 52.94

300 M Hurdles- 1. Derek Edwards (E) 39.36 2. Joel Whittington (NV) 41.23 3. Gene Bradford (S) 41.61 4. John Brown (E) 42.1

800 M Run- 1. Blake Hover (E) 2:02.72 2. Josh Burton (BC) 2:02.72 3. Caleb Goss (E) 2:04.47 4. Andrew Kumpf (WV) 2:06.01

3200 M Run- 1. Conor Strain (NV) 10:10.06 2. Mike Dodson (BC) 10:18.39 3. Justin Sherwood (E) 10:40.85 4. Nathan Kumfp (WV) 10:43.72

4 x 400 M Relay- 1. James Craigmyle, Dion Scott, Logan Laswell, Chris Jackson (SV) 3:30.9 2. Blake Hover, Derek Edwards, David Arthur, John Brown (E) 3:31.19 3. Dylan Allen, Cody Bechtel, Jesse Burton, Josh Burton (BC) 3:33.3 4. Tanner Brown, Michael Flora, Damon Hyatt, Ryan Lutes (NV) 3:38.18

High Jump- 1. Randy Lientz (OV) 6'6 2. Chris good (E) 6'2 3. Dion Scott (SV) 6' 4. John Walton (SV) 5'8

Long Jump- 1. John Walton (SV) 19'11 2. Derek Edwards (E) 19'9 3. Russell Peelman (SV) 19'1 3. Dayton Gobert (OV) 19'1

Pole Vault- 1. Josh Sparks (E) 12' 2. (J) Chris Good (E) 12' 3. Gene Bradford (S) 11'6 4. (J) Brian Brady (BC) 11'6

Shot Put- 1. Josh Kimbro (E) 48'8 2. Mitch Haviland (NV) 47'10 3. Cody Hayes (E) 46'4 4. Jordan Keller (NV) 45'4.5

Discus- 1. Joey Breeden (E) 133'8.75 2. Cody Hayes (E) 131'7.75 3. Jordan Van Horn (NV) 129'10.5 4. Jordan Keller (NV)129'5.5


Edgewood 154, Northview 125 Brown County 108, Sullivan 97, Owen Valley 66, West Vigo 48, South Vermillion 23

4 x 800 M Relay- 1. Reanna Headdy, Angela Hacker, Rebecca Jacobs, Leah Fiegle (E) 10:28.08 2. Casandara Barnett, Corey Laue, Shelby Sands, Allie True (NV) 10:34.52 3. Christina Hagg, Samantha Thompson, Haylie James, Olivia Tremble (S) 10:35.46 4. Megan Galloway, Elizabeth Hodson, Mandy Kelly, Jessica Wright (SV) 11:35.45

100 M Dash- 1. Emily Sims (E) 13.37 2. Jessica Thacker (NV) 13.54 3. Sarah Klotz (WV) 13.71 4. Krista Stearley (NV) 13.94

100 M Hurdles- 1. Brittany Solomon (WV) 16.68 2. Paige Brady (BC) 16.76 Annie Smiley (NV) 16.8 4. Jocelyn Bradford (S) 17.79

200 M Dash- 1.Emily Sims (E) 27.7 2. Samantha Thompson (S) 28.73 3. Karissa Lory (BC) 28.94 4. Caitlin Sweatman (OV) 28.97

1600 M Run- 1. Rebecca Jacobs (E) 5:36.35 2. Sarah Lewis (BC) 5:44.61 3. Allie True (NV) 5:54.94 4. Reanna Headdy (E) 5:57.43

4 x 100 M Relay- 1. Elle Kielber, Krista Stearley, Annie Smith, Jessica Thacker (NV) 52.96 2. Paige Brady, Chelsea, Karissa Lory, Anna Lutes (BC) 53.59 3. Jocelyn Bradford, Delaney Gadberry, Caryssa West (S) 53.85 4. Mariah Huffman, Janelle Lucas, Sarah Klotz, Brittany Solomon (WV) 54.01

400 M Dash- 1. Chelsea Brester (BC) 1:03.24 2. Samantha Thompson (S) 1:03.29 3. Emily Craig (E) 1:03.42 4. Sarah Letman (OV) 1:04.13

300 M Hurdles- 1. Jocelyn Bradford (S) 50.12 2. Anna Lutes (BC) 50.62 3. Janelle Lucas (WV) 50.67 4. Annie Smiley (NV) 52.14

800 M Run- 1. Leah Fiegle (E) 2:33.41 2. Shelby Sands (NV) 2:36.21 3. Reanna Headdy (E) 2:37.97 4. Sarah Lewis (BC) 2:39.2

3200 M Run- 1. Rebecca Jacobs (E) 12:20.07 2. Sarah Lewis (BC) 12:49.07 3. Allie True (NV) 12:59.02 4. Danielle Matsel (OV) 12:59.31

4 x 400 M Relay- 1. Chelsea Brester, Krarissa Lory, Anna Lutes, Shelby Smoot (BC) 4:23.19 2. Christina Hagg, Haylie James, Samantha Thompson, Olivia Tremble (S) 4:30.46 3. Kayla Hackman, Mariah Evans, Leah Fiegle, Emily Craig (E) 4. Mariah Huffman, Sarah Kloiz, Janelle Lucas, Brittany Solomon (WV) 4:34.14

High Jump- 1. Shandi Travis (NV) 4'10 2. (J) Megan Cornman (E) 3. Kelsey Lane (S) 3. Tara Summers (NV) 4'8

Long Jump- 1. Kelsey Lane (S) 15'8 2. Megan Cornman (E) 14'10 3. Caitlin Sweatman (OV) 14'8 4. Caryssa West (S) 14'4

Pole Vault- 1. Megan Smith (BC) 8'6 2. (J) Paige Brady (BC) 8'6 3. (J) Sarah Letman (OV) 8'6 4. Annie Smiley (NV) 8'

Shot Put- 1. Nikki Sims (E) 35' 2. Samantha Solomon (NV) 34'2 3. Kelsy Weddle (E) 33'2 4. Casey Phillips (OV) 32'11.5

Discus- 1. Samantha Solomon (NV) 110'5 2. Niki Sims (E) 102'6 3. Kelsy Weddle (E) 101' 4. Meghann Reardon (SV) 97'.5