Letter to the Editor

School corporation is failing community

Sunday, May 17, 2009

To the Editor:

Fellow community members:

Again, Clay Community School Corporation is falling down on the job and robbing students of academic opportunities and they are doing it subtly so we don't even know it's happening until it's already done.

Yet, while 90 of the 92 Indiana counties have instituted either a seven-period day or a trimester system so that their high school students can earn at least 15 credits per year, CCSC still offers only 12 to many of its students. Early Bird itself just helped to widen the divide between the haves and have nots in Clay County. Letting those who could not get transportation to school as well as those who did not realize the need for enrolling in a more competitive academic program with the changing times fall by the wayside.

The corporation has not done its job by these students.

Instead of implementing the trimester or seven-period day, CCSC now is eliminating those EB classes so if a student who knows that they need an extra class, they are only able to take a computer class during that EB time slot.

While this looks the same on a transcript, a computer course is not a teacher led class. We talk about the teacher being so important, but it seems that CCSC does not put its money where its mouth is and is cheating the student academically. Last fall, it was the kindergarten classes up to 30 students and we were told that it was not a trend. Now this.

Only a trained, qualified teacher can provide discourse. A computer can spew information and record how well the student spews it back. A computer cannot provide discourse. Only a teacher can stimulate thinking and learning.

Many Clay County citizens are not educators and rely on the "experts" to educate their children. How many more are going to be duped into thinking that the "average" class schedule is sufficient while even a seven-period day with each period filled for the entire four years in high school is just average in other locations within Indiana? Every period is necessary if a student wants to be successful in a career today. Has anyone from the school ever mentioned that to you?

I am both livid and heartbroken to think of all the opportunities lost for graduates of CCSC who never realized this and I am also dismayed as to the state of the community as it too has suffered the economic losses of such a large population that has not been able to keep up with the educational needs of the times.

It's time for change here so we can regain the bustle you only see now in photos in the old Post Office. Nostalgia is nice, but to be competitive, those running our schools have to put people over buildings. Buildings are brick and mortar. Teachers are what these students need whether in kindergarten or high school.

Keep teachers in those classrooms with the students!

Jenny Moore,