Letter to the Editor

Still collecting pop cans for cause

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Union United Methodist Missionaries Group members Rita and Steve Linton stand next to a large amount of donated pop cans.

To the Editor:

I was surprised with a phone call having Jim Sheese of Brazil saying he had a small load of pop cans for our program, inquiring is we still collected them.

Yes, yes, yes.

It's an ongoing program for rice for the children of Haiti.

We have had so many people with from one bag to an entire load to ask the same question and the answer is yes, and we also collect tabs for the McDonald House at Indianapolis.

We are ever so thankful for all the help we get for this project as the market price keeps going down. For example, three months ago, we were getting more than twice the amount of money per pound for the cans. So we must collect a lot more.

We don't ask for your money, only those pop cans. Yes, we collect beer cans, too, and don't ask you if you dank the beer. That's between you and your maker. We are ever so grateful for the Union United Methodist Church and their missionary group (husbands, too), as shown bringing a load for this project.

Any other church or group missionary minded to help children can phone us for pick up or drop off at Bedwell Tire on East Main Street, or phone 446-2252, 442-6954 (leave a message) or phone Sarge Eveland at 448-2873 and we'll be glad to pick up.

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,