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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Former Van Buren classmate Jack Brammer is currently on route to Washington, D.C. He is with the veteran motorcycle riders traveling from Los Angeles. He has a trailer that will take back some of the cycles so that the riders can fly back to their jobs when the caravan reaches it destination. They are riding to help us all remember the MIA/POW's.

Jack carries various objects of remembrance that will be placed at memorials along the way. He also has a vial of ashes from a fallen friend. She was a troop commander at Annapolis and died tragically in an accident last year. Her ashes will be laid to rest at Arlington in a few months.

As of his last email, the riders were headed to Gallup to meet with five Native American Tribes and take part in the Warriors/Veterans Celebration. They will participate in the Gourd Dance Ritual.

Their next stop was Angel Fire, the first Vietnam Memorial on their journey.

Jack was having some trailer problems but still planned to be in D.C. by the May 22. I had the website to track their progress in a couple of weeks ago but it is worth repeating: RFTW.org

Harmony United Methodist Women had a Mother/Daughter Banquet at the church on Monday night. It was a very pleasant evening. The sun was shining, the fellowship was wonderful, and so was the food.

Thanks to Carolyn Kumpf for arranging our entertainment. Her friend and former student, Lisa Byers, sang for us. Her daughter Rebecca teamed up with Mom on some of the choruses. There were songs I had never heard like one called Heirloom. It was lovely. We all joined in on How Great Thou Art and In the Garden. Good songs.

The tables were decorated with flowers and bride dolls to go with the theme of beautiful brides. Mayme Cox and her daughter, Sheila Termeer, decorated the tables. With all that was going on with the Roach family, I was very late in getting the bulletin boards done.

The day before the banquet I had to camp out at church all day to get done. Next time, I have to be more organized. Maybe Mayme and I can get back to working on them together. We stay more organized that way but just could not coordinate our schedules this time.

Harmony United Methodist Women will be putting together one last order of RADA knives. Try to think of all your upcoming cutlery needs or possible gifts and get those orders ready. We plan to complete this in the next two weeks. I have some additional catalogs and order forms. I think Kenda Dierdorf has extras, too. Anyone who has ever used the knives knows how long they last. We also have spoons, ice cream scoops, pancake turners, etc in the catalogs.

It was good to have guests at the Mother/Daughter Banquet. Several daughters and granddaughters gathered at the tables to join mothers and grands. We were glad to see Florence Cook from Wesley Chapel and her three girls: Dora, Sarah, and Mackie. We hope they come back again.

The Nativity Work Session has changed from Stoney Stitzle's Workshop back to the church. Stoney plans to use some smelly stuff to make repairs so those will be done on the parking lot. Any sanding or scraping will be done outdoors, too.

Those of us painting will have the comfort of the air conditioning in Fellowship Hall. We will need workers, drop cloths, painting equipment, etc. Volunteers to make a dish for lunch would also be appreciated. The work session is planned for June 13 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mark your calendars.

The Brinson family was at Anderson University on Mother's Day Weekend to see Schuyler graduate. I did not get all the information on his future plans but we wish him well. I am sure David and Cheryl are happy to have their son graduated. Congrats.

Pastor Bob Kumpf is organizing a trip to an Indians game on Friday, June 5.

He has discounted tickets and would like to fill all the seats. The group will carpool to Indy and stay for the fireworks after the game. Contact Pastor Bob at 448-2917.

The United Methodist Men will have a breakfast meeting at Carbon UMC on Saturday, May 23. All men are welcome to attend.

Associate Members of the Covered Bridge Art Association will have their own exhibit July 1 through August 2 with a public reception on that last day. The art will be displayed at the Gallery in Rockville. The winner of the Best-of-Show award will be invited to have an individual exhibit in August 2010. There was an error on the letter mailed out to all of the associate members.

The deadline to send the entry form to Judy Ohmit is June 17, not July 17. Art must be delivered, ready to hang, to the Gallery by 5 p.m., on June 29. Anyone wishing further information should call Judy at (765) 569-7911.

Anyone wishing to submit work for this exhibit must have paid his/her 2009 dues of $15 to Judy Ohmit, 2302 S. Bridgeton Road, Rockville, IN 47872. Members can submit up to two works but they must remain in the exhibit until the reception is over.

The artist is responsible for any shipping fees to buyers. Make sure the prices listed will include packaging, shipping, and 20 percent commission to the Association.

I hope no one was behind me at Kroger's this week. Once or twice a year, when the lines are long, I try that aggravating contraption that lets you check out your own groceries. No one was lined up there. With shopping for a cookout, the cart was full. The machine speaks mechanical English but somehow we just don't communicate. "Take the item out of the bag...Put the item in the bag...Take the item out of the bag."

The self-service checker doesn't know what to do with more than a couple bags of stuff. Where do you put them? The cart is full and there is no extra counter space except the next self-serve machine being used by another idiot try to avoid the long line.

The machine has a problem understanding any real food. If it does not have a barcode you'd better not buy it. Celery, bell peppers, cucumbers don't compute. I know there is a screen that has fresh veggies but there is no easy way to get there.

If you do get there, it might ask you to choose celery big bunch or celery small bunch. It is celery, about medium size celery. Of course, there is not an option for medium celery.

Finally, a nice fellow with a Kroger shirt tried to help. "Maam, you can't rest your hand on that bar while you are scanning an object." Right hand must be in mid-air while scanning with left. Got it.

"You can't reposition the bag." Food should be left to fall on the floor when sack is too full. Got it.

"You can't move the item because it fits better in another bag." Must leave package cutting through the side of the cheap bag. Got it.

"Please remove the item from the bag..." It told me to. Got it. Don't take it out of the bag.

Apparently, the nice man wanted to take his packages of toilet paper and go home. It was his quitting time. He decided it would be faster if he just checked me out on the machine rather than trying to coach from behind.

"Now where is the produce screen? Sorry, Maam, just a minute...I'll get it. Oops, my mistake. I'll get it this time." Even skilled employees are only slightly faster than me on the contraption. Got it.

Another employee tried to use a hand-held scanner thingie. I was trying to tell them that the machine did not ring up that package of hot dogs. Sure enough, I was right. Progress. It only took three of us twice as long as one of those quick little ladies at the checkout. That long line will not look nearly as bad next time.

Yes, I'll be back at Kroger's next week. Someday I will probably have to master that horrid mechanical voiced monster, when they finally replace human beings, but not this week.

On my next shopping trip, I'll be standing in Anita's checkout line. I'll patiently wait my turn. She will get the job done faster, smarter, and tell me how the family is doing, too. Progress can wait another day.

Happy Birthday to Bob Nicoson (23rd) and Ella Grace London (30th). Happy Belated Birthdays to Caleb Kumpf, Janet Bridgewater, and Carly Pell.

Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Jim Clausen (26th). I missed getting out a Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Chris Pell and to Mr. & Mrs. Bob Osborn. Sorry for my tardiness.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

May 24 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

May 21 -- PPRC Meeting 6:30 p.m., Admin Board 7 p.m.

May 25 to 27 -- Pastor Bob at Clergy Retreat

June 5 -- Carpooling to Indian's Game at Indy and staying for Fireworks

June 13 -- Nativity Work Session 9 a.m.-3 p.m.