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Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Could that be sunshine sneaking through the kitchen windowpane of the little blue house at the end of the road? Yes! " Welcome in," I say.

Now that the Craftsman workhorse is repaired and all set to tackle the out-of-control mess at hand. I am prepared to kick grass and shave off some dandelions. Maybe the wind will dry the saturated earth up a bit and the tall grass, as well.

So much happened last week. A large limb fell across the road, just short of our garage. Paul called the City Garage, because he needed to get out to go to work. Within minutes the street crew was on site and addressed the problem. That action was very much appreciated. Thanks to all of you.

Yesterday evening when Paul's workday came to an end he discovered that the fuel pump went out on the Deville. Of course he had no other option than to lock it up, leave it on the parking lot and worry about it today. Security promised to keep an eye on the car, overnight, but sometimes things happen quickly. We were concerned.

Thanks to his boss, a ride was provided for him. Dave Williams, a fellow salesman brought Paul home. We were grateful for the kind gestures of both.

We received our portion of the stimulus package yesterday. Do you suppose Barrack could see that repair work coming? Oh well, we want to help out the economy and the old car. For without old reliable, how would the little salesman bridge the gap between here and Terre Haute? Besides, I heard the vacationing Ford Ranger grumble, loudly, this morning.

It's clear to me that it doesn't want the job on a permanent basis.

It has been suggested that we buy a new car or perhaps an economy car with less age and mileage. No, the wise man will keep his money and the clear title, make do with repairs and prepare for what may be around the corner.

We did adopt our new pal Tootie Mae Sartor recently. The mini dachshund loves life here.

One thing for sure that little girl is a dandy. The only thing she can't deal with is the vacuum sweeper. "Toot" certainly has good pipes and yodeling in her blood. Imagine that. Her bark is worse than her bite.

I have been home- schooling her. No books-just "think and do." Ms. Tootie excels at potty. Sad to say, she missed the puppy pad a couple of times. That's a C-.

The precious little dachshund wasn't watching what she was doing and backed her long trailer up too far. I told her to clean it up, but I could tell she wasn't interested in follow-up jobs.

She flipped one long ear back and left the classroom. Mom picked up the broken beginner's pencil and grabbed a sheet of paper.

At this point in time, she's not smarter than a fifth grader, but she is climbing, grade wise and otherwise. I found some undesirable scratch marks on the woodwork above the chair. The cedar box is missing a corner.

Tootie has a toy box and an assortment of new toys to chew on. Funny thing is, the old knotted sock that I gave her gets more of a workout than the Hartz Mountain gifts from me.

I dressed her up in the doll dress that belongs to my vintage doll baby that Santa brought me over sixty years ago. I selected a fashionable and befitting hat from one of the doll heads in my porcelain collection. Half of her long torso was exposed; she fought off bloomers. After all, she is thoroughly modern "Tootie."

My sister Sandra took her picture with the digital camera She looked like a star.

I sent the picture via the Internet to my girls. I don't think they are going to rush home to meet her, but twice again, Tootie received high marks.

Sandra chose to use my new best friend's picture as a screen saver. Her cat, Chippy, watches TV, and the computer screen. Could be the girls (cousins) can become friends, either in her space or my space.

There is saneness to my insanity. Now, that this little dachshund moved in; I have company every day! That is therapeutic!

Paul and I send our condolence to the family of Earl Jones. Years ago, Paul worked with Earl at Warren Tire.

He held the hard working gentleman in the highest regard and valued his friendship, as I do the Jones family.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or by email pmlsartor@aol.com.