Letter to the Editor

Reader gives thanks to veterans

Monday, May 25, 2009

To the Editor:

What can I say? Thank you.

You know, most times we as "G.I.Joe" Vets don't take time for the little things.

But this day, I take that time to say thanks to the Elks Lodge No. 762, Brazil, for the lunch provided for the Loyalty Day celebration.

You don't owe me a dinner, your time of day, or anything else. But it's appreciated. You took time and money to provide a get-together dinner for all service Vets.

Also, I want to thank Col. "Kip" for coming to speak to the V.F.W. Post No. 1127 and American Legion Post No. 2. I remember him as a little boy eager to learn about life.

To all the Indiana Guard/Reserves and to Judy Durbin for that wonderful poem she wrote, "Misfortunes of War," and the county representatives, women's auxiliary No. 1127, and the many sponsors who gave freely.

You all didn't have to do anything. But you did and again, thank you.

Marion "Old Sarge"