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Monday, May 2, 2016

Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, this is a beautiful Sunday afternoon! This is a perfect time to prepare for my weekly visit with you, my readers. Paul is at work and my new best friend, Tootie Mae Sartor, is sprawled out on the floor, taking full advantage of the overhead fan.

It could be a while before she will roll over and play dead.

She pretends to sleep soundly, but if I go outside and the storm door creaks just a little, one eye springs opens and next; the pacing and yodeling begins.

Last week I failed her and put our friendship at risk. My yard work and other chores kept me busy outside most days. She enjoyed my breaks, schooling, and play periods.

The carpeting in the living room swallowed the dirt from the potted plant that "Toot" just happened to bump against. That didn't earn her many points.

She made such a big production out of it; I struggled to keep from laughing. Instead old softy cleaned it up and held her, a while longer. I could tell the little dachshund was grateful.

Her cat friend (cousin), Ms. Chippy Sue Gallardo resides in Linton. Her mom sent Tootie an email with an attached photo of the pretty feline. The little lady was displaying her best innocent look. The message was to inform my new charge that when she gets in trouble to try looking the same. She claimed it works. Tootie paid attention and it did -- this time.

I'll bet you think I am going to the dogs. Maybe so, in more ways than one, read on.

One of my very close loved ones that live in the Southwest called me today. When I saw who was calling. I thought, "How nice-she has me on her mind today." Boy, oh boy she did have me there and in her sights, all day and the night before.

The little lady that I love so much said that she was tired after a busy workweek. Saturday night her much needed sleep came to a screeching halt after I appeared in her dream, big as life.

"Gee, I wondered, did I die?" Was I an angel, a good angel? The dreamer started giggling and before she could gain composure and tell all, my temporary wings drooped to the floor.

It's a good thing that Tootie Mae was asleep. I sure knew that what was about to be told might have changed the little dog's perception of me. She thinks her adopted mom is a good egg.

The dreamer or the bearer of the worst nightmarish experience ever was shocked and upset. I was a porn star. Imagine that! No, on second thought, "DON'T!" I'm so ashamed of my crooked toes.

When she found out what I was up to, she said, "No, not my mother. She is sixty-nine going on seventy. She is too old to wear feathers and all that makeup." Wait until I tell Dad!

I didn't know whether to enjoy the brief fame or cry defamation of character, so, I giggled with the giggler.

The closest I have been to feathers would be when I transferred our young pullets and roosters from the brooder into more comfortable living quarters, a couple of hours before the far-out dream were revealed.

This dying swan can't sing. I don't dance, can't act and besides; I am too busy working on earning my wings.

I love `em barbecued!

Our granddaughter, Olivia Cory is visiting her father, Bruce Cory and sister Sarah and family in Terre Haute this week. She graduated from Alameda High School, in Denver the evening of May 19.

As mentioned before, in Brazil Buzz, she will be going to Chef school soon. Olivia will return to her home in Colorado June 5. She has a new job waiting for her at the airport that is associated with customer service.

So, guess who is coming to dinner at the little blue house at the end of the road? Of course, she is.

The request was chicken, homemade noodles and all the trimmings. Cherry pie was mentioned too. Granddaughter Sarah and the boys may visit, as well. Paul Baby and I are excited.

May be the entire family will gather here in the summer. I'd like that.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.