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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jack Brammer met with some Van Buren Classmates at Chaney's last Thursday. Our lunch lasted over four hours. Nancy and Chuck Ploch, Patty Herbert, and I enjoyed hearing about Jack's cross county ride to remember the POW/MIA's. They traveled from Los Angeles to Washinton, D.C. Sometimes the motorcycles and other vehicles covered a 5-mile stretch. Jack said they were met with dinners and crowds all along the way. It was good to know that the people were remembering and caring.

Jack and other veterans have formed groups to help with various veteran problems. The Snowball Express helps with families that have lost a soldier. They treat the loved ones to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and various performances. Lt. Dan's Band (Gary Sinese from CSI: NY & Forrest Gump fame) performs for them. They plan many activities for the kids. Various airlines and flight employees donate time and fares. It has become quite an annual event.

Two friends of Jack's have started an online newsletter called the Monsoon Dispatch to talk about Veteran's activities. Jack has forwarded the last two editions. The two authors are Gunny (Monsoon) Mims and Bill Mimiago. Jack says Mimiago is his inspiration for volunteer work. Mimiago was a United States Marine Corps Major turned teacher. He was awarded the California Teacher of the Year and is currently working to help fund Fisher House at Camp Pendleton. They are planning an Honor Run to raise those funds. It is good to hear how these veterans are working to help other vets and their families.

Opal Schopmeyer announced at Harmony United Methodist last Sunday that she had two new great-grandbabies. We were seated on opposite sides of the church, but I think she said she had a total of 32 grandchildren now. Congrats to all. Sorry if I have that wrong, Opal.

You still have time to order RADA knives. Harmony United Methodist Women are putting together one last order. It will be a big one. Contact any member to place an order or call the church. I have extra catalogs if anyone needs one. Give me a call at 448-8734.

The Nativity Work Session will be June 13, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., at the church. We will need workers, drop cloths, painting equipment, sanding stuff, caulking, etc. Volunteers to make a dish for lunch would also be appreciated. Plan to help if you can.

Good Neighbor Patty Escott found a fawn at her back step. She was having dirt and gravel hauled to her place and feared for its safety. Patty and Good Neighbor Judy carried it to the edge of the woods. We all hope that Mama Deer finds it. Mama was looking around at my house but I never did see if she headed in the right direction.

Patty and I had another adventure this week. A huge snake crawled from my property, stretched the full width of the drive, and squiggled to a drainage ditch behind Patty's little blockhouse. Patty was mowing grass and headed in that direction. I walked over to warn her so she wouldn't be surprised if she saw big old wiggly.

Patty stopped her mower and we were chitchatting when old creepy crawly left the safe ditch and decided to come our direction. Patty tried to discourage him by moving a drainpipe in front of him. He followed the pipe for a while and then headed back our way. He seemed determined to head toward her back door. We didn't want to hurt him if he would just go off to the weeds and do his snake duties to catch mice. Wicked wiggly would not cooperate. He was very ill tempered and aggressive so we finally had to get a shovel and send him to meet his ancestors.

Good friend, Sharene Wallenbrock, commented about downtown Brazil when she was in town for the Eastside School Anniversary. Many of us don't notice the improvements because we see them all the time. Sharene hadn't been along United States 40 in some months and was pleasantly surprised by the clean-up, fix-up. Sure, there are more things to do but we need to give a pat-on-the-back for what has been accomplished. Good job!

Harmony has been getting more facelifts, too. Two of the eyesores on Harmony Road are looking 100 percent better. One is a long time project and I hear them working back there most weekends. It looks nice and continues to improve. I heard that another blight along Harmony Road had been purchased and would be cleaned up. I couldn't confirm that but hope it's true.

An Outstanding Happy Birthday is wished for Mazo Modesitt. She will reach the tender age of 104 on June 7. Send her a card at Cloverleaf Healthcare at Knightsville if you get a chance.

Happy Belated Birthday to May-gan Mayfield. Happy Birthday to Rose Marie Pell (10th), Christine Clark (12th), Jay Bridgewater & Carole Weaver (17th), Kate Trout (19th), Dan Pell & Auriel Sidney Long (23rd). Happy Anniversary to Dave and Brenda Shorter (6th), Rev. Bob and Carolyn Kumpf (16th), Brad and Barbara Pell (19th), and Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pell (30th).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

June 5 -- Indians Game

June 7 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

June 10 -- Clay County Quilters 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Bible Study 9 a.m.

June 13 -- Nativity Work Session 9 a.m.-3 p.m.