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Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother Nature is being kind to us this last day of the month of May. An abundance of sunshine and a cool gentle breeze sure feels nice this morning. I could live with this a while. However, I heard more rain is in the forecast for the week ahead.

The field next-door to our property has been planted in corn this time around. The seed corn germinated, quickly. The emergence of the tender green sprouts from beneath the rich topsoil is a sight to behold!

A lot of work went into the preparation of field and the problems associated with the drainage of a low spot in the same, with good results.

Yes, this old country gal does have a natural fence surrounding her place during springtime, summer and early fall, and more, I love it. I study plant life, bugs, bees, birds, butterflies, and the pesky deer. They all enjoy the land, from planting to harvest and some beyond a winter foraging favorite.

Snakes, I am not too crazy about. After observing them close to my feet or at distance, I give snakes an ultimatum. Either exit my space or prepare for a whack from the sharp blade of my machete.

Blood has been spilled twice this season. The gutsy turkey buzzard can attest to that. He is still hanging around looking for more.

"Restlawn" is situated toward the southernmost end of the homestead property. We oldsters once knew the landmark as "The Catholic Cemetery. "

The burial grounds looks nice this mowing season, well maintained. Mature peony plants and the honeysuckle vines that cover the wrought iron fence between the properties are in full bloom. The gentle breeze picks up their fragrance.

The large American flag waves proudly against the clear blue sky and individual smaller ones mark the grave sites of those men and women interred there whom served this great country, admirably.

They are not forgotten.

Soon the yucca plants will bear large panicles of greenish white blossoms as well. They are attractive and ornamental, but add little to the pleasure of the nostrils.

This week, I discovered that my own yucca plant was being stripped of its strength by a young plant sapping honeysuckle vine and chickweed, while my back was turned toward other concerns. I dug deep, to the root of the matter and removed the entwined vine and debris.

As I was making the final inspection of my work, a swarm of bees, moving too fast for me to identify, charged out of the work site. I think they thought they had an easy target. I escaped unscathed. The best of it, I found out that I can still run like a deer--an old deer.

Too bad, my swift moving old legs picked up poison ivy and a wood tick that day. The tick is long gone, but the ivy is still a problem. I suppose that if one can't stand the itch they should stay of the woods. I'd rather cut my nails.

This week I received several emails and calls. Thanks to all.

Don't forget to wear your sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.