Letter to the Editor

Displeased with committee

Sunday, June 7, 2009

To the Editor:

My son is Devin Ahern. He graduated this past weekend as the Salutatorian of the (Northview High School) Class of 2009.

He has many accomplishments to his credit and received most of the top academic honors at awards night.

He is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist, an AP (Advanced Placement) Scholar, has a GPA of more than 4.0, and has already completed one math course at (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology).

I find it incredibly hard to believe that these accomplishments did not culminate in a single scholarship. I see in the paper, frequently, that Indiana worries about keeping the brightest students from leaving the state, but yet the community does not recognize or reward these students for their hard work.

If I were on a scholarship committee and overlooked such a promising student, I would be ashamed and embarrassed.

Yes, I am Devin's mother, and I am extremely proud of him. As for pride in the community, that's another thing altogether.

Carol Ahern,