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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Harmony Happenings: Song celebration scheduled Saturday

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It is Wednesday morning as I am writing.

The storm woke me up at 4:30 a.m., and I decided to use a break between lightning strikes to work at this old computer. The weatherman tells me more storms are on the way.

Today will be the graveside services for good neighbor Jack Harper. Jack leaves a hole in the neighborhood and the church, a big hole. His faith, determination and sense of humor will be remembered. Our sympathies go out to his family.

We were all feeling the loss at church Sunday morning when we heard about Jack. Pastor Bob Kumpf's sermon Sunday talked about the disciple Paul in the last months of his life, in prison, "passing the torch" to Timothy. Paul asked the younger man to continue to spread the Word. Pastor Bob challenged us to continue to carry on for Jack Harper. Until his illness, Jack seldom ever missed church on Sunday. He was known to call folks who had missed services or blow his horn, as he passed their house, on Sunday morning. We will miss Jack. No one can take his place but maybe we can do the things he would have encouraged.

The Union United Methodist Church is hosting a Community Song Celebration Saturday evening 7-9 p.m. Some of the Methodist congregations in the area are small and have formed clusters to share activities.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about our women group inviting the women of other churches to our Mother/Daughter Banquet. This Song Celebration is another effort to bring Methodists and others together to join in fellowship and praise. The informational flyer says, "Bring a lawn chair and a smile." Also, bring pop cans for recycling.

A reminder is sent to Harmony Methodist folks that we are to furnish cookies for the Song Celebration at Union. The goodies are to be delivered to our church Saturday morning I think. It is too early to call to check that.

We hope to have a nice group of volunteers at Harmony United Methodist Saturday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. to work on the nativity. The signup sheet was circulated at church Sunday.

Several folks said they might be able to come but only three were able to make a definite commitment. We need about 15. Please help if you can. If we can get a good-sized group, we should be able to finish all but one of the figures. One king is in the process of major repairs. Everyone will still be able to make it to the Celebration at the Union that evening.

Lunch will be served about noon at the Nativity Work Session. Judy Maurer is making lasagna. Shirley Pell will do the salad and I will bring garlic bread. Opal Schopmeyer is making two of her famous pies. Some other folks said they would bring goodies but had not yet decided on the dish. Surprises!

It is hoped this will tempt more volunteers to join us for Saturday and nourish our wonderful helpers.

A list of needed supplies for the nativity was circulated too. We have someone to furnish the paint but still need spray foam, sandpaper, paintable caulk, caulk guns, putty knives and paint brushes. We also need more bottles of rubbing alcohol and more ice cream buckets for clean up. If possible, please drop off donations by Friday. This will let us know what items we still need to purchase. Of course, paint brushes and tools will be returned -- put your name on them, please.

The one-day Super Saturday Vacation Bible School has been set for July 11 at Lena. I don't have any information other than the date at this time.

The Annual United Methodist Conference will start Thursday, June 25, and go to June 28, at Ball State University in Muncie. A pre-conference briefing will take place at Temple U.M.C., in Terre Haute, Monday, June 15, at 7 p.m.

Please get all your RADA knife order to Carolyn Kumpf by Sunday. We will try to get the order called in early next week. If you need a catalog, contact me at 448-8734.

Marilyn Smith invited me out to see her vacation pictures last Wednesday. I picked up some turnovers at the Brazil Coffee Company and headed out to Twin Beach Road.

We had such a good visit. She and her husband Ray like to watch westerns and wanted to see where the films were shot in Utah. They had taken more than 400 pictures. Most of them looked like postcards. The flowers, sky and mountain formations were beautiful.

It was good to meet Marilyn's husband Ray and their dog Ivan. Both are cuties. Marilyn and I have been friends since I don't know when. We were best friends in high school and church. Then, I went to college and Marilyn got married. I moved to southern Indiana and she raised her kids. We lost touch.

One day, a few years ago, a card from Marilyn Smith arrived in the mail -- just like a Hallmark commercial. I didn't even know she had remarried and wondered who it was on the return address label. She had gotten my address from sister-in-law Eva. I am lucky to be blessed with good friends. Marilyn is one of the best. We talk and giggle and talk and giggle some more like we did as teenagers. Thanks for making the effort to reconnect Marilyn.

Cousin Coleen (Killion) Thompson is having her annual family reunion at her house June 20. We all look forward to her picnic. Coleen and her husband fire up the grill and the rest of us carry in dishes for a wonderful day of sharing and caring. Her home sits on a hill at Terre Haute and is surrounded by three sides with woods. A huge tree in the backyard shades all the lawn chairs and the kid's swimming pool. If it rains, she sets up tables inside. It is the perfect spot for a get-together. Coleen is the perfect hostess, too. Her husband John is a sweetie and the kids keep us entertained too.

The mower I bought out at Clark's is running smoothly. I wrote a few weeks ago that the old Craftsman was sinking into the sunset. I thought about getting a fancy one like good neighbor Patty's, but decided I am more of a plain mower person. My speed is slow and I'd rather be concentrating on watching the pesky rabbits, and planning my flowers than remembering complicated direction levers.

Patty is amazing as she flies around the neighborhood on her zero-turn radius. She would probably cut everyone's grass if they asked her to do it. She said I would get used to those levers and I probably would, but having to do touch-ups with the push mower is good exercise. Being a chubby chugger, the Allis Chalmers suits my style and does a good job.

Brother Mikey helped me change the oil in my mower after the first five hours. There was a bit of blue smoke rolling but it was not from the mower. Brother wasn't fond of the way the oil drained out and where it drained. We both cleaned up the mes and I have a spot on the drive that doesn't need any Roundup this summer. Thanks Pup!

Happy birthday to Rose Mari Pell (June 10), Christine Clark (June 12), Jay Bridgewater and Carole Weaver (June 17), Kate Trout (June 19), Dan Pell and Auriel Sidney Long (June 23).

Happy anniversary to Rev. Bob and Carolyn Kumpf (June 16), Brad and Barbara Pell (June 19) and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pell (June 30).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

June 5 -- Indians Game

June 7 -- Worship Service, 9 a.m.; Sunday School, 10:45 a.m.

Jun 10 -- Clay County Quilters, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; Bible Study, 9 a.m.

June 13 -- Nativity Work Session, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.