Letter to the Editor

Looking back at county's past

Sunday, June 14, 2009

To the Editor:

Here is a letter about the old days.

May 1949 -- Mrs. McHargue's, 4-H Club met at the Public Library on Friday after school. Pat Chapman called the roll and the following responded, Sue Louderback, Janet Hill and several others.

It was decided to pay 50 cents a year dues.

Kay McCullough helped make plans for the next meeting. McCullough is a junior leader.

That next meeting was scheduled for Monday, May 23, at the home of Mrs. McHargue, 103 E. Compton St., Brazil.

Phyllis Brammer was the reporter. Brammer is also a club member.

Business ads -- Frank Cunningham and Sons, 215 W. National Ave., Brazil. Phone -- 5191. Roofing and siding, retail or applied.

Dependable roofing and siding, General -- John Pell, Manager, 208 E. National Ave., Brazil. Phone -- 424.

A.C. Parker says don't take chances with a leaky worn out muffler. We will install a new genuine Ford muffler for only $10.50. At J.D. Smith and Son Ford, A.C. Parker, Service Manager, 401 W. National Ave., Brazil.

Lawson and Son Funeral Home -- Always. Phone 234, if we can help.

McGill Auto Sales, 711 E. National Ave., Brazil. Phone 416, 1948, Indian 74 Motorcycle, $695, one-half down, balance 12 months. Car wash, $1.

Loans, Indiana loan Co., Auto Repairing C.M. Wilson Garage, Furnace, Cleaning -- Midwest Heating, 5 New Diamond T Trucks at Thomas Bros., Dealership, 27 N. 2nd St., Terre Haute, Ind.

Frankfort rendering Co. Walter Kirkham, Mgr.

Hayes Bros., Mkt., Ad-Lg. Box Duz., Oxydol, or Tide, 28 cents, Milnot, three cans, 29 cents, Vigo Brand Sliced Bacon, pound 39 cents, Dependable Brand Smoked Jowls, 19 cents pound, New White Potatoes, 10 pounds, 65 cents; Open Kettle Hog Lard, 13 cents pound; Large Juicy Franks, 37 cents pound; Reliable Dried Beef PKG, 33 cents.

J.D. Pollom and Son Ad-Pincor, P-18 power mower, self-propelled, one-and-a-half HP 4-cycle engine $115.

That's all for now. More old day, present letters in the next and future letters if any.

Until next time, take care and be fair.

John J. Weddle,