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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Sunday afternoon and all is well in the little blue house at the end of the road.

I went down the path to check out the ripeness of the raspberries on the loaded vines. Could be, I will be heating up the oven soon. I brought home a small sampling of sizable tame berries for my official taster to enjoy when he gets home from work. The wild berries are lagging behind their fat cousins slower to ripen.

Since I get ivy poisoning easily, the seed will plant! He will gear-up to go: don his old rain damaged straw hat and head out with a bucket in hand. When he returns, I will praise him and offer to wipe the purple stain from his lips.

Just as a turkey buzzard devours dead animal flesh to the bare bones, Paul Baby does the same with the seasonal berries, he picks the vines, bare. My better half sure is a grinner when he's picking!

Oh, I will help, but this time I prefer to do the outside work along the path and gladly process them. We will enjoy decadent berry desserts this winter or before.

Tucker Farms provided my strawberries this year. I put several packages of the plump red beauties in the freezer.

Our cherry trees were low on production this time around. Numerous birds beat us to the meager pickings.

A can of red tart commercially packed cherries is priced close to three dollars now. Quite a bit for a loosely filled can that contains a fruit tart's worth of fruit floating in diluted juice.

My daughter, Lori and I need far more than that to fill our cherry pies. Shame on the packing companies for the severity of their corner cuttings!

Produce is not a bargain these days, either. Not only is much of it (sold in supermarkets) of poor quality, the fruits, herbs and vegetables are oftentimes handled carelessly, after it leaves the grower hands and before it reaches the consumers grocery cart.

I purchased a fruit tray at a major supermarket .When I arrived back home, the seemingly fresh fruit tray was refrigerated immediately, as was the dairy and meat items.

The next day when I decided to select a few pieces of fresh fruit from the cold plastic wrap covered tray to add to my lunch, I discovered most everything below the surface was covered with mold, a real turn off to this fruit lover.

I destroyed the chunks of fruit, grapes and things that cost me around ten dollars and found something else to eat.

Since I knew Paul's days off was still a few days away and we wouldn't be visiting the major chain store until then, I let my concerns rest.

Now I am not one, for making a scene in public places or guilty of false claims in order to get two for the price of one for anything, therefore, So no one will think that of me, most of my legitimate complaints go unheard.

The next time that I visited my favorite haunt, I came across a lady that seemed to have some authority in the produce department ordering an associate around. She too was restocking the produce isle.

After we were alone, I told her about my disappointing experience with the tray. Her response threw me for a loop - In what must have been her snootiest voice, she spilled out three words, "Don't eat it!" Imagine that. I didn't let out a peep when I found bugs in a bunch of kale.

This, so called, valuable customer thanked her for listening, but I didn't mean it. I was just being bigger than her.

I dislike that as much as a server asking us, "Can I help you guys?"

My mom said that I am a girl. I go with that. And, please, if a tip is headed toward your pocket. Don't call me "little or old girl!" That happened once or twice too.

Check those party trays carefully, before you set them out for company or your family and you.

Will I continue to shop there? Of course! We shop there twice a week.

There is always a bad apple in the barrel and sometimes more than one.

The prices are good and, besides, I found a thousand uses for the white and blue bags.

And, the greeters make up for the ills of the sour grapes and second bananas inside.

Thanks to Randy Hughes and Larry Strain. You do a wonderful job. We look forward to seeing you each visit.

I wish Happy Father's Day to all dads. God Bless you.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.