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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now I am really getting tired of all of this rain. I find it impossible to catch up around here. The cemetery next to the homestead looks so nice; I try to strive for the same.

I appreciate the results of the attention the workers gave to the trees and bushes in the place. The unsightly sapling that bothered me most grew skyward from the middle of a nice shrub.

The caretakers removed the eyesore. The interior of the evergreen is bowl-like in shape. Children gather there to play. Others must too.

Sometimes beer cans and other junk clutters the space. Other times, cigarettes smoke filter through the full branches. Too bad restful peace is disturbed.

The kids -- they cry, laugh and sometimes wave to their audience of one. On rare occasions some have spouted obscenities, those of which, I ignore. The youngsters hate that. Later, when I see them again they speed by me, pushing their bikes to the limits. The hands waving and the smiles seem sincere. I return the greeting. I was a child once.

My old beat up bike and I knew the old brick roads so well, as did my ball bearing roller skates. I knew better than to yell anything disrespectful over the fence. Dad would have dealt with me after I exited the wrought - iron gate and made it down the road.

Today is Father's Day. Paul is at work and Tootie Mae, sweet innocent Toot-Toot is sleeping peacefully on one of her favorite couches. I reckon she got tired of getting in trouble, for a while. I tried to explain to her that ballpoint pens are for writing, not at all for cutting teeth on or part consuming.

She chewed up some of her favorite toys and most are past repair or in shop now. Rope toys work better. My sock creations hold up well to her, heel to toe, workouts too.

I have been bringing home surprises from Walmart to our little girl. Like a kid, she tears through the sacks to gain possession of her gifts.

Last night I brought home a large plastic bag of potatoes. Thinking it was hers, she started ripping. That funny little dog turned around to see if I was looking, and before I could scold, "Leave those tatters alone" she gave me her look and walked away.

She is very smart at handling most of these housekeepers concerns rather well. She does kiss a bit much, but the little dachshund is here to stay -- worth keeping!

What she does not know will not hurt her, but then it might, just a little.

The Wabash Valley Animal Hospital scheduled surgery for Tuesday, so that Tootie can to do her part to control the pet population.

With that important procedure under her belt, Frontline below her collar and shots current, Tootie will be ready to explore beyond the back door and live a worry-free life

I saw an ad for a doggy stroller that I think she might enjoy.

As you can gather, I am just wild about Toot and best of all the admiration is mutual!

Our family from Brownsburg will break bread with Paul and I this evening.

The Terry family, Mathew, Lindsay, Avery Isabella and Piper Grace, Michael Risk and his fiancÚ, Kayleigh Dawn Frendenburg and our former son-in law and forever friend ,Mr. Tim Mc Hugh will join us.

I am serving rotisserie chicken and several tasty, made from scratch sides. Strawberry shortcake will be a change from pies, their usual requests.

I just made myself hungry. I think I will test the fare and grab a glass of sweet tea, just because.

The patriarch of this family has enjoyed phone connections and showers of affection coming his way today. The day is not over yet.

Come dinnertime there will be a little extra whip cream on his shortcake and possibly, leftovers tomorrow. Imagine that!

Well folks it is time to sort the silver and pop the cornbread and rolls in the oven. It will soon be party time at the little blue house at the end of the road.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.