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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Interlude

A heady odor from sweet clover grass

Blends with the scent of other growing things,

Including flowers summering in masse

Where the meadowlarks direct communal sings.

The days are long. Vacationers relaxed,

Ease out the glory-laden interlude,

Succumbs to dreams; no energy taxed,

For now, the land is in a glowing mood.

Its changeable beauty never palls the heart,

For the keyed to sun-clad loveliness and peace,

It stretches on, each field a work of art,

To where God's blessings seemingly decrease.

Its toll- free byways ramble here and there.

Through upward reaching tendrils, green and fair.

Lydia O. Jackson

A gentle breeze is waltzing through the front door of the little blue house at the end of the road this sunny summer afternoon. I can smell the fragrant scent that comes from the honeysuckle trumpets on the vine that entwines the pasture fence. Hummingbirds must be happy too.

It is good to give the air conditioners a break, however short the time may be. Welcome back a touch of springtime.

Ms. Tootie Mae, our little black and tan dachshund, is catching a few winks on top of the rose-covered comforter on our bed.

She is still trying to forget last week. Surgery, shots and the extraction of two deciduous teeth knocked her tail down a notch.

In stitches, is not always a laughing matter either? Today she changed the look of the handy-work. Tooth or nail claimed some thread. Do not worry; Tootie remains laced up tighter than a football.

Doggone it, the year is half over. However, as is the message the poem conveys; there is much to appreciate about the summer season. I do not want to miss a minute of it.

I truly believe we groundskeepers can catch-up on what has been bugging us--tall grass and weeds and the look of untidiness that came about because of the spring rains.

Now is the time to get her done-prune the shrubs and trees, clear the debris. Now is the time to dig out that that lawn cart and dirty those nails. Show your neighbors that you still have wind in your sails. Show your city that you care.

My dermatologist removed a small cyst from beneath the surface of my finger last week. A lesion on my face was removed; surgically. Another skin cancer received a shot from the canister.

I blame these problems on me. Summer sun has known me well through all the years of my life to date. When I was growing up no one ever thought too much about protecting his or her skin from the damaging rays of the sun, Sunburn happened often. My skin overcooked, blistered and peeled repeatedly.

During my teenage years and through to mid-life my skin was near flawless, by some accounts ... My fair skin weathered the summer sun well, as so I thought. Gentle scrubbing with Ivory soap a few drying pats and light make-up to follow was all that was required to prepare my face for a sunny day or any day.

My arms loved the sun's rays, as well, but until recent years, my legs did not share the pleasure. I rarely wore shorts in the early years. My long lean gams were covered, to please my grandmother.

I disliked straw hats. For years, I owned no shades.

Now, decades later, my damaged facial skin and that of neck area is proof that; I was ignorant.

Several years now, I have been troubled with skin lesions, tumors and tags, malignant and benign.

Of those yearly visits to my NP, only the 2008 visit required no surgery or treatments.

Sometimes I slip up, but most times now; I practice the rules. The hat, shades, sleeves and a good sun blocker are necessary.

Paul relies on the dermatologists at VA to deal with his mounting skin cancer concerns. Some of a serious nature has been addressed successfully. More surface.

I'm still not too bright, but smart enough to tell you to protect your skin. Simply put, take care of the person in it too. It is never too late to begin to take measures to prevent serious skin problems that can occur to exposed skin in the summertime and at anytime.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Modesitt. Ed and Frieda celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary this past Saturday. They are former classmates, nice people and forever friends of mine.

I wish them continued happiness.

This week we received word that our great grandchildren's paternal grandfather, Steven Terry of Brownsburg died of cancer. We send our condolence to his widow, Faye and her children and spouses, Mathew (Lindsay) Terry and Beth (Jon) Merchant, and grandchildren, Sara Merchant, Avery and Piper Terry.

I am glad our paths crossed. Steve was a good man.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pmlsartor@aol.com.