Letter to the Editor

Reader questions passing of bill

Sunday, July 12, 2009

To the Editor:

It is difficult to believe so many people fell for "man made global warming."

I wonder if this is due to a lack of education and/or the inability to think.

I was taught that the terrain in Indiana was formed by the melting of the icebergs.

If that is true, then didn't we have global warming at that time?

I personally know that sea fossils can easily be found on the eastern side of this state just north of State Road 46.

This would indicate that the sea level, some time, must have been much higher than it is now.

It is believed that sunspots or sun flares have an effect on weather.

How does man have an affect on the sun?

Volcanoes have an effect on the weather, and often far from the eruption.

These eruptions interfere with sunrays that affect the weather.

Does man control volcanoes?

Oil and coal are formed from CO2 from plants and animals along with time and pressure.

If this is true, how did we get so much oil under Alaska unless it was much warmer at some time with a greater amount of plant growth than now?

Back in the 80s, I read an article from a meteorologist warning about some big changes coming in weather because the past 50 years of fairly calm weather indicated we were due for much more disruptive weather based on weather patterns.

This was based on 10-year, 50-year and 100-year patterns coming together at the same time.

Many people are claiming the worldwide temperatures are increasing, but what are they using for this basis?

How many years has man been keeping these records, and how much is based on computer models? Remember computers are no better than the people that manipulate the available information.

How long has man been around and has he covered the earth?

How long has the earth been here. Too many questions convince me of man made global warming.

I need many more answers.

When Congress passed their so-called "Cap and Trade" bill, I wanted to scream.

How knowledgeable is our Congress and where is their ability to think?

Roberta Bell,

Bowling Green