What do you love most about living in Clay County?

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  • I love the feeling of "community". I grew up in Clay City and have lived in Brazil for the past few years. It is nice to know people wherever you go!

    -- Posted by OHPLEASE! on Fri, Jul 17, 2009, at 12:40 PM
  • I love living in a small town. I see people I know everwhere I go. And I know so many faces of people I alway,s give them a smile and a hello,and I don,t even know their names. It,s just a friendly town to live in. The only thing I don,t like about living in Brazil is our ugly main street in town. I wish we had all our old buildings back, and fixed up to look nice but with a old fashion look. I think the Riddell Bank in the middle of town looks nice ,but I wished the,d kept the old fashioned look. I,d like to drive down 40 through Brazil and see all the building,s looking like they looked like when the town started. Then our town would be so unique. and having flowers and little tree,s or bushes in the sidewalks. I,m wishing to much,, I know. Strangers driving down 40 through Brazil, I wonder what they say about it.

    -- Posted by rightwaygirl on Fri, Jul 17, 2009, at 7:46 PM
  • Everything is close together!

    -- Posted by ibclean76@yahoo.com on Mon, Jul 20, 2009, at 12:09 PM
  • Clay County Has alot of beauty from it's peaceful country roads, winding creeks, picture perfect feilds and not to mention the remeberance of mining industries to Brick Factores among which are great parts of Clay County's history, As rightwaygirl was saying about brazil here is a true piece about how brazil was to look... Arketex brick made a plan for brazil with angle parking, Brick sidewalks, Repaired old buildings and little tree's ever 3rd or 4th parking space... I saw these plans as a child and they were awesome. There is only one building that was completed from these plans as far as I know and that is City Hall! It was made with Glazed Brick and was shown in the plans I saw exactly as it is today... The plans were in the office of the meridian St. Arketex... A little Cool History in this... I have always wondered what happened to the project...

    -- Posted by computerdx on Wed, Jul 22, 2009, at 10:14 PM
  • Clay County is going down the drain when the water is working.

    It seems to me this county is breeding thugletts, and welfare are just breeding. there are no safe place for children to go after school and in the summer.Welfare are pleased to be walfare. jobs are limited.

    YMCA great idea , with times hard who can afford it, it's not like they lowered prices.nor did any other business.I'm not saying other counties don't have problems but I see this everyday. Take a day from work if you work , travel to walmart, park, and maybe to DQ. I think you will see what I'm talking about.

    -- Posted by Sand mann on Thu, Aug 13, 2009, at 7:17 AM
  • I do not live in Clay County, Indiana; however, I do live in a neighboring county. As a little girl, we would travel back and forth to INDY from Terre Haute to visit relatives. I do remember all the beautiful buildings that the owners of them took pride in the way that they looked. I do miss that now, however, as the owner of those buildings have aged, so have the owners. And perhaps they have passed away leaving them to the care and upkeep of their estate or relatives, who probably do not take the pride that their ancestors did. Quite a shame.

    Just where are these people that are now left with the upkeep of those buildings. Probably basking in the sun somewhere not giving a hoot about the buildings. I think that the city should take over these buildings as being abandoned. Well, when a building in INDY becomes abandoned, the end result *BUILDING* is demolished. End of story. Is this what the citizens of Brazil want????

    -- Posted by sewinglady1941 on Sat, Aug 15, 2009, at 1:15 PM
  • Personally, I love Brazil. I've lived in other towns, states and Washington, DC. I've traveled overseas to Europe and other places. I CHOSE Brazil to settle in as an adult. It is safe. The people are friendly and kind. I enjoy the fact that people walk and ride their bikes. They sit on their front porches. Children still play outside and run to the ice cream truck in the summer time. They still ride their bikes. The schools are close by. Parents watch out for each other's kids. Our neighbors are friendly and talk. Brazil residents...you don't know how lucky you have it. Count your many, many blessings instead of the shortcomings our community may have, like most communities have. I LOVE BRAZIL!!!

    -- Posted by Claycountian on Wed, Aug 19, 2009, at 9:08 PM
  • I have not lived in Brazil for 33 years but did grow up in that quaint little town. I loved living in a community that had pride for it's citizens and they for their town. I remember going downtown with my parents as a child and going to Murphy's and JC Penneys. We would then go to Eddie's and have chocolate milk and a hamburger. As a pre-teen, my friends and I would go to the Cooper Theater on Saturday afternoon. My friends and I would go to The Fashion and try on the bell bottoms and then go to the Rexall for a marshmallow coke and chips. The 4th of July was always special with Johnny's United Show coming to town and the fireworks were always spectacular. It was really nice going to Forrest Park in the winter and ice skating on the pond that used to be there. I went to Brazil High school and was proud to be a Red Devil. I left when I was 22 years old with my new husband and raised my family in other parts of the country. As we came back to visit over the years, I noticed that Brazil had lost a little of her charm. It was not as clean, the downtown had literally become a ghost town, and my beloved high school was torn down. I do miss living in a town like Brazil was back in the 60's and 70's.

    -- Posted by saarein on Wed, Aug 19, 2009, at 10:07 PM
  • I appreciate the high quality health care available in Clay County from the hospital, to mulptiple doctors office, to the paramedics on the road. I lived in other parts of the country with more population and less service

    -- Posted by Lafin on Fri, Aug 21, 2009, at 9:08 PM
  • Born and raised here. Love the people! Do wish there were more jobs for people and that they would do something to get so many off Welfare.

    Also, nothing for teens and young kids to go or go too. And drugs are so bad here. Would like to see more for the working people of Clay County.

    -- Posted by tbdldam on Wed, Aug 26, 2009, at 3:27 PM
  • I moved to the Brazil area in January. I love the peacefulness of the area. I love sitting on the front porch and watching the stars and moon. Its nice to be able to see them. I came from the Danville/Indy area and the stars are a lot brighter out here in Brazil. I am able to enjoy life more by enjoying the beauty that your town has. I love your parks. I cannot believe how friendly my neighbors are. They help you when you need help. I have never experienced that before where i came from. People are so friendly here. St Vincent Clay Hospital is a great hospital. The staff really care about people. Its not an act... its not fake... they truly care.

    The whole St Vincent organization is faith based and it shows. If we need to clean up buildings in the area, if we need to find another source and outlet for kids and teenagers, if we need to work on the drug problem... then lets do it! Everyone can get involved and help. Don't take the town for granted, its beautiful. I enjoy living and working in this community and i don't regret moving here.

    -- Posted by pacergirl32@hotmail.com on Tue, Sep 1, 2009, at 6:48 AM
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    -- Posted by jakescott88 on Wed, Sep 2, 2009, at 4:52 AM
  • I don't live in Brazil and haven't for 20 years now. I do have very fond memories of growning up there and still enjoy visiting from time to time. Life is definitely more laid back there, but i have to admit with others it is sad to come back and see once thriving buisnesses shuttered and building not being taken care of. It is still a great community though and love the people there. My new home is just a bigger version of Brazil, I am in Spokane Wa.

    -- Posted by parryj on Wed, Sep 2, 2009, at 8:38 AM
  • the part where I moved away

    -- Posted by Grannydu on Fri, Sep 4, 2009, at 8:14 PM
  • No longer live in Brazil, grew up there though. I definetly miss the people. Everyone waved at each other and was usually always very friendly, with the execption of the Alabama! lol. I miss deer hunting and fishing with all my friends the most. People take for granted over the counter deer tags, and after work bowhunting. Not really heard of out in the west.

    -- Posted by The Crabb in AZ on Thu, Sep 10, 2009, at 12:10 AM
  • I love Brazil. It's a small town, but the people are friendly. I have met a lot of wonderful people that live in Brazil. I have a lot of good friends that live there. I have known them for a little over a year, but have become close friends with them. I would say that if I had to pick a town to live in for the rest of my life it would be Brazil, IN and I'm only 21 so that's a long time for me.

    -- Posted by BmB420 on Mon, Sep 14, 2009, at 5:09 AM
  • I don't love living in Brazil anymore. It seems like it just keeps going "down hill." The drugs are horrible, the streets are horrible, and the new so called city animal control agent is horrible.

    It use to be a nice little town to live in. Sad to see the way it has ended up.

    -- Posted by th1953 on Wed, Sep 16, 2009, at 4:19 PM
  • I am a little confused? The question is what do you love about Clay Co. But all I am reading are negative comments.

    -- Posted by houseofhate on Wed, Sep 16, 2009, at 8:56 PM
  • Let me think about it. Maybe I can come up with something.

    -- Posted by th1953 on Thu, Sep 17, 2009, at 9:57 PM
  • I have many memories of being a little girl and packing up after church and heading west to Brazil on a Sunday afternoon. My father was born in Cloverland and grew up in Staunton and my mother was born in Brazil. My grandmother lived in Brazil. I have many fond memories of spending those afternoons with my cousins and oh, how I wished many times over that we could have lived closer to Brazil so that we could spend time together more often. But my father was a Trailways bus driver and we needed to live at a halfway point between Brazil and Indianapolis so that he could be close enough to work, but not too far from family. After a day spent in Brazil visiting, it would be late upon driving back to Plainfield, Very often, I would lay in the back of my parents Belvedere II station wagon and watch the stars in the sky as we moved east towards Indianapolis. Eventually I would fall asleep, being worn out from my day playing with my cousins. Brazil has changed from when I was young. The Blue Bonnet restaurant that we had many meals in is no longer there. I also remember Flicks, a place that we would always stop at to pick up a Frosty on the way back to Plainfield. What a delicious treat! It is no longer there, also. The old Brazil High School that my mother attended was demolished to build the new Northview High School. But, in spite of that, I still love spending an afternoon in Brazil. My father is buried there, in Summit Lawn Cemetery, where he wanted to be. Brazil is a place full of friendly faces from people ready to make your visit a pleasant one. Many members of my family still live there. I grew up in Plainfield and have spent the last thirty years living in Indianapolis. At the age of 52, I still enjoy going to Brazil, a small town with friendly faces and big family values; a place that I like to still call "Home."

    -- Posted by IndyNancy on Fri, Sep 18, 2009, at 11:15 AM
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