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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It is good to be back! The RADA knife order has arrived. Those who purchased knives from me should receive them soon.

I had surgery in Jasper, on the June 29 that still has me moving a little slow but doing much better. The orthopedic surgeon removed a big ole' ugly from the front of my leg. Some of you may remember that a shelf collapsed at the Health Dept. about a year ago and that all those huge books of metal-edged birth and death records landed on the fronts of my legs. No broken bones, but it battered some veins/arteries. All fixed now, I hope!

On June 6, the Roach family left for Florida to see little Erin get married. I didn't decide until the 5th whether to go. It was a mistake for the leg but this auntie just couldn't miss her favorite and only niece walking down the aisle. I spent more time staying close to the hotel, keeping my leg on a pillow, than I would have liked. It was worth it to get to go to the wedding. Thanks to brother Mikey and sister-in-law Eva for helping with my wheelchair when needed.

Erin Gabrielle Roach married Joey Glen Taylor at the Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration, Fla., on May 10. The reception was at the Celebration Hotel overlooking the lake. A good time was had by all (except for Brother John who still can't get used to his baby getting married). Mr. and Mrs. Taylor are now cruising toward Mexico. Erin called us from the balcony of their stateroom before they left U.S. waters. We wish them a safe trip and happy married life.

Erin's wedding was like something out of the movies. Beautiful! Mama Eva Kay, Erin, and her friends had it organized beautifully. Their friend Peter coordinated things and had a knack for "herding" the group tactfully in this direction or that so we were all at the right spot at the right time.

Everyone was lining the sidewalk when the couple made the ceremonial run to ring the bell in the church tower. We snapped pictures and popped the little confetti bottles right on cue. Peter had us gather on either side of the hotel doors when the bride and groom made their exit to ride around the town of Celebration in an antique car. He signaled the cutting of the cakes and announced the toasts and dances. Good job, Peter.

Maid of Honor Lauren ran errands, styled hair in a pinch, doubled as tour guide and was all around indispensable.

John and Eva Kay looked like wedding cake toppers themselves. My brother was in a tuxedo. We probably won't see that again! That tux will probably spend the rest of its life tucked in the back of his closet but he did look handsome. Eva Kay and Mama Kate's dresses looked like something from Vogue magazine. They all cleaned up good!

When John danced with his little girl to the sounds of "the way you look tonight", everyone was teary-eyed, even one of the photographers. I had never seen my brother do a serious dance before that night. Yes, he does an Irish jig once in a while, but this was the first real waltz that I can remember. When Erin was just a tike, she would dance with her father around the kitchen to the beat of a boom box but this was different. She was all grown up in everyone's eyes except for Daddy's.

Our trip to Florida was memorable. For months we had talked about wedding transportation. Would we fly? Should we take two cars? We talked about renting a van so all six of us could ride together. There were long dresses and suits and lots of luggage. Then my brothers, the Car Guys, decided to just buy a van and resell it when we got back. They do crazy things like that.

One day, Mike said, "John bought a limousine." "Yeah, right!" I said. "No, he really did buy a limo." If you are ever taking six full-sized adults on a road trip, a limousine is the way to go. You get a great ride, mileage isn't bad (almost 20 mpg), and everyone lets you pull right up to the front door. The guys did almost all the driving and we ladies just sat back, munched on snackies and relaxed.

If anyone would like to buy a 1996 limo with low mileage, in excellent condition, I know this guy named John who will make you a sweet deal. He's even cleaned up the Georgia pecan brittle that I spilled.

Happy Belated Birthday to Shontana Head, Karen Roach, Ashley West, Peggy Pell, Brenda Shorter, Kaelyn Lawrence, Sandy Bell, Mike Morgan, and Elisha London. Happy upcoming Birthdays to Shaun Short (17th), Shea McCoy (18th), Hally Sparks (19th), Seth Head (22nd), Nikki Osborne (25th), Bell Killion (28th), and Clyde Bryan (30th). Happy Anniversary to all those folks I missed during the first two weeks of July: Mike and Karen Roach, Rita and Greg Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Ryan London, Judy and Fritz Maurer.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

July 19 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., at the 4-H Fairgrounds

July 22 -- Clay County Quilters 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Bible Study 9 a.m.

July 27 -- Harmony United Methodist Women 7 p.m.