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Grilling greats for the summer

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Barbecued Loin Back Ribs

For a tasty grilled treat, try this.

Begin with about three pounds of meaty loin back ribs (avoid those with solution added -- results in excess saltiness).

Mix a dry rub, adding your touch to the following basic recipe:

* One teaspoon garlic powder,

* One teaspoon onion powder,

* One teaspoon chili powder,

* One teaspoon paprika,

* One teaspoon cracked peppercorns (or use black pepper),

* One-half teaspoon cayenne pepper,

* Two teaspoons salt, and

* Two tablespoons sugar.

Make the "baste" to apply about every 30 minutes during the cook time.

Heat and mix:

* One-third cup cider vinegar,

* One-third cup prepared mustard, and

* One-third cup brown sugar.

Remove the membrane on the back (bone) side of the ribs by working a butter knife under the membrane and peel it off (this may take some work).

Coat the ribs liberally with the dry rub, wrap them in plastic, wrap and allow them to sit chilled for four hours.

Choose one of the following cooking methods:

* Method No. 1 (all on the grill).

Prepare grill with a hickory filled wood chip smoker box and preheat to lowest setting.

Place ribs on grill bone side down away from the direct heat, if possible. Baste approximately every 30 minutes.

Cook on lowest heat for two-three hours until 165 on an internal thermometer (or the rack bends easily).

Wrap in foil and allow to sit for 30 minutes. Slice each individual rib.

If you have a smoker, it is a better option, or

* Method No. 2.

You can partially prepare the ribs ahead of time by sealing three loin backs with three-fourths cup water and one-and-one-half cup vinegar or wine between aluminum foil sheets in a broiler pan, crimping the edges.

Cook at 325-degrees for two-three hours until knife-tender between ribs -- at least 165.

Vent until cool and refrigerate in plastic wrap up to two days.

Heat on grill or in oven with above baste or your favorite to complete before serving.

Source: Inspired by Dave Ahnert-Crepps awesome grilled ribs, with modifications from http://www.bigoven.com/159749-Baby-Back-....

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