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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time sure does fly when one enjoys what he or she does.

It seems like only yesterday that former Managing Editor; Frank Phillips interviewed me, by his request. Instead, the date was July 18, 2002.

Frank afforded an opportunity to write /contribute to the Neighbor's Page of "The Brazil Times." I told him that I would love to and more; this writer would give my best to The Brazil Times and the readers. On Thursday, of the following week (July 25, 2002) Brazil Buzz was born, a happy day!

Each week I strive to give you a better read than the previous one -a labor of love. Writing is my passion.

I have written three hundred -sixty-one articles in my column's space to date. No two are the same - the language is clear, the content truthful.

Some readers can identify with many of this old country girl's life happenings and other stuff that I write about, the good and the bad of it.

Thanks to you I shall continue until the brain says, 'refrain,' that's fog-not rain" or delivers nothing at all. Until then, I am not moving out of the neighborhood, that is, unless by request.

I received letters recently from Union Hospital concerning a contract dispute with Anthem. I am a policyholder of the insurance giant. I entrust the hospital with some of my health care.

Union Hospital and Anthem Blue Cross /Blue Shield may not settle their differences by the deadline, at month's end. I am hoping for notice of fresh ink on the bottom of a workable contract. I dislike change. Both have served my family and me, well.

Of course, St. Vincent Clay and Regional are good hospitals, too. Paul and I attest that that they are live savers.

I will visit my primary caregiver at Community Rural Health Clinic this week. It is time for a checkup. I have been a patient there ever since Dr. Robert Maurer closed his practice downtown.

The medical professionals at the clinic are still putting up with me. Imagine that!

This week, Paul promised to take me fishing. Good thing I left the worms that my tiller tines dug up alone. We used his days off for other things more pressing, yard work. May be, another time will come eventually.

Seven years ago, the last paragraph of Brazil Buzz No. 1 read -- I am going to let my new fishing pole gather dust, put my license in a safe place and allow the bait to leave the can.

I was thinking of new fish to fry.

Now, here is where I am. The pole is dusty; there is no bait in the can filled with old dirt. The license, out dated as it is, is still in a safe place.

Seven years have come and gone since, and; I still have the itch to go fishing. How am I doing? I would like to catch a few comments.

My number is 446-4852 or you can reach me by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.