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Friday, May 6, 2016

Despite distractions, missionaries moving on

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Editor's Note: The following is an update regarding a group of missionaries from the First Christian Church who are currently on a trip in Honduras. Brazil Times' associate Carrie Somheil is traveling with the missionary group.

HONDURAS -- The group continues to work well and move forward despite what could be distractions around them with the ongoing political situation still making the news.

Having them here in the midst of other groups canceling reminds me how much groups help the ongoing work here during their time here, how much they help and are an encouragement to us, and that what they leave behind makes an impression and difference for time to come.

This particular group bringing new ideas for the milk project on how we can help feed children on an ongoing basis has been great to see, as well as the seeds they have brought to help people in the long term by providing their own food.

The grind of staying up until 1 a.m., to also get done blogging and keep up with e-mail and other accounting issues, not only for the group, but also for the mission (such as the end of the month deposits for salaries, paying utilities, etc.) plus trying to help Valerie, who has been very sick this week and in spite of that working her job seeing a large number of patients -- 12 -- and doing the cashier's job yesterday when he called in sick, is taking its toll physically, but God continues to encourage us all to keep running our collective and individual races spiritually.

I have been trying to use our time in the vehicle to keep an ear on the political situation here and the developing story there. Fortunately for us, and what we are doing, getting about and around the country is normal. Unfortunately, the rhetoric coming from the ex-president is keeping the international community in the dark about what is really going on here, and scaring people from visiting or coming to Honduras. Other than talk, little is being accomplished to resolve the situation. The current administration does not want back what they see as a terribly corrupt and indictable ex-president.

The ex-president sees a black and white situation of that he was elected, so no matter what he should be allowed to serve out his term.

How things will be resolved for the long term is still up in the air, but most people here seem confident that life will go on without the president coming back and that would likely be for the better long term for Honduras.

Come what may, we know Him who is really in power, and that is all I really need to know.