Letter to the Editor

Why is there no pool?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

To the Editor:

For the last several years, while living in Terre Haute, I was a member of the YMCA.

My whole family enjoyed going there.

When we moved to Brazil in 2001, we inquired about becoming members of the local "Y."

One of the sticking points for my family was that the Brazil "Y" didn't have a pool.

We were assured that within a year or two, they would have a pool and that we should go ahead and join.

Well, we didn't join and it has been seven years. Still no pool.

Why can't the Brazil YMCA install a pool? Spencer has a pool. Scottsburg has a pool.

Both are similarly sized towns compared to Brazil.

I would be very curious to know why the Brazil YMCA would spend its resources on some really novel exercise equipment that once the excitement wears off, will probably spend most of its time collecting dust.

A pool, on the other hand, will probably never be idle (except when the "Y" is closed).

In this small town, I have heard many reasons why the pool has never been built.

I would love to hear from someone on the YMCA board, or someone else in the community, who can shed some light on this subject.

I would really like to know the facts on this matter.

I am certain that once construction begins on a pool that my family won't be the only family to sign up.

Many of our friends and relatives feel the same about this.


Matthew Christie,