Letter to the Editor

In agreement about swimming pool

Sunday, August 2, 2009

To the Editor:

In the Monday, July 27, issue of The Brazil Times, a reader wrote a letter to the editor about the YMCA not having a pool.

I will have to agree with Mr. Christie.

I think we need to spend a little bit of money and invest in a pool for the community. The government is always having a fit about the overweight people in our country, then why not help us help ourselves a bit. I also think that if the YMCA doesn't want to put that kind of money into building a pool, then they should make some kind of arrangement with Fun Time Scuba and the people who have a membership for the YMCA can get a discount for a membership at Fun Time Scuba and vice versa.

Just a suggestion. Hopefully, someone will look into this. I too, would like to swim and would love for my daughter to have a place to be able to swim and maybe even join a swim team.

Amanda Fields,