Letter to the Editor

Foundation issues thanks

Sunday, August 2, 2009

To the Editor:

Thanks to all the volunteers!

I know that I will probably miss listing someone who has helped with the Charles B. Hall memorial.

There are numerous people, organizations and businesses to thank. What started in November 2005 during a meeting of individuals to discuss ways to increase tourism on U.S. 40 and to bring people to downtown Brazil grew to honoring a World War II hero.

But in reality, it honors all of our county's proud military members. Clay County citizens have a strong and distinguished history in serving our country.

Now to those whose efforts made this possible: Gertrude Slack, Mary I. Hendrickson, Virginia Strong and Marion "Sarge" Eveland for their vision and insistence; Aaron Rugenstein of PDF for all the drawings and plans; Brian Deakins and Beth Tevlin of the Wabash Valley Community Foundation for helping set up the fund correctly; Bill Wolfe, the artist; Richard Young of American Stone Fabricators, Inc., for the stone and sandblasting; Mike Mershon and Sons for concrete work; IMI -- Irving Materials for the concrete; Yankee Rose Landscaping; and Jeff and Carol Bell of Forsythe Bros. for setting the monument.

Finally, to Ted Englehart and the entire Englehart family for keeping the project moving forward.

A special thanks goes to Lynne Llewellyn of The Brazil Times. Lynne's offer to print pictures of military members in the newspaper and turn over the proceeds to the Foundation was the turning point in interest and fundraising for the monument.

This allowed more than 200 families to honor their heroes in the local paper.

More than 60 individuals, families, businesses and organizations contributed to this project.

To the City of Brazil, thank you. To Mayor Ann Bradshaw, the City Council, and the Board of Works, this would not have happened if not for your continual support.

If I missed anyone, please accept my apology. This was truly a community project.

Hope to see all of you Saturday (Aug. 22) at 1 p.m., for the dedication.

Ted Paris,

Chairperson of the Charles B. Hall Memorial Foundation