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State Fair Participants

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The following is a list of Clay County 4-H'rs competing in the 2009 Indiana State Fair:

* Consumer Clothing -- Madison Trusty, Whitney Jeffers, Whitney Sampson,

* Sewing -- Lauren Swearingen, Millie Law, Krista Sinders, Molly Powell (non-wearable), Tori Rohrabaugh, Kayla Sinders, Ruth Neiswinger (non-wearable), Madison McDonald (non-wearable), Ella Law (non-wearable), Molly Powell,

* Genealogy -- Madison Trusty, Madison McDonald, Brooklyn Nelson, Brittaney Nelson, Sarah McDonald,

* Daylan Chambers -- Tractor Operator Contest,

* Geology -- Dane Miller, Stephen McDonald,

* Home Environment -- Mannah Mace, Chelsea Withrow,

* Personality -- Morgan Booe, Paige Stevenson, Caroline Beyers,

* Poultry Science Display -- Carrie Riddell,

* Photography -- Asher Mace, Caitlin Fairbanks, Tayler Fischer, Michaella Hogan, Saiti Booe, Allison McWilliams, Erika Enstrom, Caroline Beyers,

* Crafts -- Monique Richard, Emilee Pennington, Blake Bailey, Tyler Pennington, Eric Dyar, Asher Mace, Alexa Dispennett, Jonathon Burns, Grace Neiswinger, Hannah Brown, Dorothy Slover, Beth Allard,

* Aerospace -- Madison McDonald, Dakota Stevenson, Dustin Stevenson,

* Shooting Sports Education -- Asher Mace, Molly Powell, Beth Allard,

* Cake Decorating -- Lydia Stallcop, Krista Sinders, Tori Rohrabaugh,

* Beekeeping -- Morgan Booe,

* Cat Posters -- Adrianna Racers, Emma Barnett, Monique Richard,

* Computer -- Chase McCrocklin, Joey Dierdorf, Monique Richard,

* Dog Posters -- Savannah Hogg, Kelsie Fischer, Monique Richard,

* Electric -- Logan Thomas, Brady Reece, Dakota Stevenson, Kenneth Thomas,

* Entomology -- Chase McCrocklin, Stephen McDonald,

* Floriculture -- Chase McCrocklin, McKenzie Bucklin, Madison McDonald, Whitney Halfhill, Callie Dayhuff, Roy Brough, Beth Allard, Allie Haddon,

* Forestry -- Chase McCrocklin, Jacob Nobles,

* Rabbit Posters -- Asher Macer, Joey Dierdorf, Monique Richard,

* Soil and Water Conservation -- Kyle Edwards, Tiffani Goodman,

* AG Tractor -- John Hyatt, Joshua Miller, Monique Richard,

* Veterinary Science -- Joey Dierdorf, Asie Jeffers,

* Weather -- Avalee Jeffers, Justin Buell, Jacob Dispennett,

* Weed Identification and control -- Justin Buell,

* Wildlife -- Avalee Jeffers, Brooklyn Nelson, Alexa Dispennett,

* Woodworking -- Savannah Hogg, Jessica Smart, Saiti Booe, Lauren Webster,

* Foods (Preserved Items) -- Lindsey Steiner, Sara Allard, Whitney Halfhill, Kiersten Teegarden, Carrie Riddell, Symone Kellum,

* Foods (Baked or Displays) -- Madelyn Ames, Samuel Guernsey, Whitney Jeffers, Molly Powell, Marissa Barushak, Courtney Brown, Whitney Halfhill, Allie Haddon, Alison Miller, Allison Stearley,

* Fashion Revue -- Molly Powell, Tori Rohrabaugh,

* Rabbit Ambassador -- Noah Short, Mannah Mace, Joey Dierdorf, Carrie Riddell,

* Photography -- Jaclyn Linton, Erika Enstrom,

* Health -- Dayton Price, Mannah Mace, Carrie Riddell,

* Child Development -- Chloe Burns, Deaven McCrocklin, Asie Jeffers,

Rabbit Illustrated Talk -- Mannah Mace,

* Tractor Operators Contest -- Nelson Effner, Bradly Wallace, Colton Miller,

* Lawn and Garden Tractor Operator -- Colton Miller, Whitney Jeffers, Austin Sinders,

* Public Speaking -- Molly Powell, and

* Bicycle Rodeo Contest -- Parker Ames, Austin Sinders.

Editor's Note: The list of local 4-H'rs competing at the state level does not include livestock participants.