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Harmony Happenings

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Harmony United Methodist Church is holding a confirmation class that will start on Aug. 17 and will run for several Mondays.

All adults and youth are welcome to learn more about the Methodist Church and become a member. Contact Pastor Bob Kumpf for more information at 448-2917 or harmonyumc@verizon.net.

Susie Morgan and her Sunday School Class of young adults are starting a Bible Study on Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. Susie said the dress was casual and relaxed. The ladies have Bible Study on Wednesday mornings but several working folks can't attend at that time. Folks of all ages are welcome to attend either Wednesday mornings or Sunday evening's study.

Put Nov. 8 on the calendar. That is the date of the second annual Harmony U.M.C. Fish Fry. Last year's event was so successful that it deserved to be repeated.

Mark and Susan Maurer have just returned from a trip to Florida. We are all glad they made it home safely. Happy Anniversary, too.

Judy and Fritz Maurer took a trip to Niagara Falls. They saw the sights and rode on the Maiden of the Mist just like Judy's parents (Jim and Shirley Pell) had done on a class trip "a few years ago."

This will be the 23rd year for Operation Classroom.

This mission collects school supplies and small toiletries to send to needy kids in other countries. The boxes go to poor children that are excited to see a notepad or even a pencil.

The Harmony United Methodist Women will be helping to collect the materials which will then go to Breden Memorial at Terre Haute for packing. A list of needed supplies will be circulated soon.

Wesley Chapel Church will have a Spaghetti Dinner and Yard Sale on Saturday, Aug. 8th. The price for children is $3 and $5 for adults. The event starts at noon and runs to 4 p.m. A $50 Kroger gift card will be raffled at $1 per ticket.

The Lester Family will provide gospel music at the Nazarene Church on Sunday, Aug. 30 starting at 6 p.m. Mark your calendars. This was originally planned for the Forest Park Bandshell so note the change of place. The admission is free.

Our next work session for the Nativity Scene is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 29. Workers, supplies, and food will be needed. Mark your calendar to help if you can.

Aunt Christine Clark and I had planned to take Aunt Pat Killion to lunch for months. We finally made it on Tuesday. Shontana Head went with us. The weather looked perfect when we left Brazil and headed to north Terre Haute to pick up Pat. By the time we were all headed down State Road 41 to Golden Corral, the sky opened and the winds blew. We pulled over somewhere north of the Menard's turn off and hoped the flying limbs and pounding rain would leave us alone. God was with us and we were okay.

After a nice long lunch at the restaurant, we headed back to Aunt Pat's at Sandcut thinking we would sit in her kitchen, watch the many bird feeders, and talk ole' times. Shontana and I like to hear all those stories.

We couldn't get in the driveway. Limbs were scattered everywhere and some had taken off the corner of her picnic shelter. The guttering was lying on the ground. Her table and chairs had taken flight and were caught in a fence.

The trashcan was littering the side of the highway. We picked up the small items and righted the table and chairs but the limbs were huge. A chain saw and truck would be needed.

Pat's house had leaves stuck to the entire west side and holes were beaten into the siding above the porch. She'll have to contact her insurance company. We had just talked a few hours earlier about what a perfect spot she had to sit in the shade and enjoy her bird feeders.

We all called home to find out that things were not as bad in Brazil and Harmony. Even so, Jackson Street was one lane due to a broken tree at the corner with Harmony Road. There were numerous trees and branches down at homes along United States 40. Mother Nature can undo all our landscaping and building efforts in a matter of seconds. We have to respect the awesome power that can do that.

I talked to a couple of old friends this week. Pat (Cunningham) Chastain called. Her family is doing well. We plan to have lunch soon either here or at Brownsburg. I ran into Nancy Ferry, my old neighbor, at Kroger's this week. I don't remember her married name. She didn't know my cousin Judy Lowe had passed away. They were best friends years ago. Nancy has lived in Clay City for a long time but is moving back to Brazil. We had a nice chat and caught up on the news as we blocked traffic near the checkout.

Thanks to Brother Mikey for getting Old Brown started.

My pickup is so old that I have to park in the back yard so I won't disgrace the neighbors. Old Brown had only 17,000 miles when I bought him from an elderly gentleman in 1991. He's been a good old truck, still runs well once he gets started.

I thought I would check out the Clunker program even though I hate to call him that. That truck is a member of the family and Lady Pugsley loves it. She barks and howls if I go somewhere without her. But Old Brown is showing age.

I talked to the folks at York and at Bowen Ford and decided on a little Ranger and 3 years of payments. Then Ken Arini told me they weren't doing anymore Clunker sales until the government paid up on the ones they have already done. The dealers have to handle a ton of paperwork for those sales.

I can understand their reluctance but I had finally made up my mind to bite the bullet and get a new truck. It wasn't going to be anything fancy. The new little Ranger would have hauled landscape timbers and bags of mulch and saved me some gas money in the bargain.

Old Brown isn't very fast anymore and I guess I am not either. By the time I had made up my mind, it was too late. Now, buying a truck without that nice Clunker deal leaves a bad taste. When you hear that it would have been $3500 cheaper last week, the new pickup just isn't as pretty. Ken said to check back in a week and see what is going on with them and the government. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

York had a couple of nice Silverado trucks, just a little too big for my tastes, but they sure were handsome. One was loaded and had only 12,000 miles. The used vehicle was more expensive than the new. I understand the math but it doesn't seem logical. I have always liked slightly used vehicles, the ones with all the bugs worked out, that were offered for a fair price. If the Clunker deal goes through, it will still apply to new vehicles only.

Well, I guess Old Brown will still be covered in dog hair and hauling around this and that as needed. He looks like a clunker but still has the heart of a new F-150.

The Roach family will be checking out the new Goodies Galore Restaurant this week. Brother John is celebrating the last of the birthdays that start with a 5. We won't say what age he will be next year but it starts with a 6. After that hint, I probably won't be around to wish him a happy for next year's big event. Love ya, Brother!

Happy August Birthdays to Judy Maurer and Brother John Roach (8th), Johnny Pell and Deanna Sheese (10th), Ruth Escott (11th), Barbara Pell (13th), Cousin Nete Clark (15th), Annie Pell and Pastor Bob Kumpf (24th), Saylor Clark (25th), Schuyler Brinson, Judy Black, Mike and Mikey Escott (26th), Jeni Bridgewater (30th). Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Randy Bowman (11th).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Aug. 9 -- Worship Service 9:00, Sunday School 10:45, Bible Study 7 p.m.

Aug. 12 -- Clay County Quilters 9-3, Bible Study 9 a.m.

Aug. 24 -- HUMC Women 7 p.m.

Aug. 29 -- Nativity Work Session 9 a.m.-3 p.m.