Letter to the Editor

Still take metal for project

Sunday, August 9, 2009
Eddie Dickison (from left), the "Can Man," John Ellison and Lawrence Wayne West stand next to bagged up aluminum cans.

To the Editor:

What took one load as shown during the past six months now takes three loads just like this one.

Just within the past six months, aluminum was 60 cents per pound. Now at 25 cents per pound for good, clean aluminum.

Now, this does not include siding and other considered aluminum as it can be much less per pound.

Other precious metal prices have also fallen and the market is like a yo-yo. A couple pennies at a time, like gas prices. Up and down.

I say all this to say that the three loads needed almost another to fill another ton of rice for the "Rice For Haiti Children Project," which our community missionary church sponsors along with so many of you.

And I am quick to add that people such as the Union United Methodist Church on Airport Road and their wonderful ladies missionary group and those that have called us with many bags of pop cans, tabs and other items, we appreciate the one bag and the many bags of cans.

Like David Lewald bringing a load to the house and the lady on North Chicago Avenue, whom called for a pick up. We love you for your kindness.

Again, we don't ask for money. Our church furnishes the labor, large leaf bags and transportation to salvage yard.

Just drop off at Bedwell Tire or phone and leave on answering machine at the "Can Man's," 442-6954, 442-9653 or Sarge at 448-2873. We will arrange for pickup too.

The tabs you pull, we'll haul to Indianapolis Riley Hospital Ronald McDonald House that families may stay at a reduce price or no charge at all if they cannot afford it.

Thank you,

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,