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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Christian Church had sign-ups for Share Food last Saturday. Several people took advantage of this excellent program but many more might be interested if they understood the program. I will try to explain what was shared with me.

Share Food is not a commodities handout, it is not donated stuff, and it is not a welfare program. It is not from the government. Share Food is a bunch of volunteers (mainly church groups) that coordinate food orders and shipments to get the best prices.

Some examples of their food units are: Deluxe package $22, Classic $15, Fruit and Veggie $11. I won't list all the variations but the deluxe package contains five frozen meats and nine produce items for the $22. You can select one package deal or combine as many as you want to buy.

The First Christian volunteers, and all the many other folks across the country, buy in bulk and save each other money. This month, they also offered a frozen meal unit that had seven dinners, a Jimmy Dean 12 sausage sandwiches package, and a four-pound steak box. Each package deal could be purchased separately but you buy all 12 Jimmy Deans as one unit. You can't get just two frozen dinners, the package has seven.

The Share Food newsletter said they would have three extra features for September. These include pork roast unit, fisherman's delight , and a package of seven different frozen dinners.

The first timers go to a signup session that takes about 5-10 minutes and you pay for what you order. It is delivered to the church in two weeks. After that initial sign-up, you can just order and pay for next month when you pick up your groceries for the current month.

The program does not fit everyone. If you survive on peanut butter and cereal, this is not the deal for you. If you are more flexible, this is a great plan. Sure you may get corn this month when you like broccoli better, but you can always save the corn for company. It won't totally replace going to the grocery store but it will stretch the budget if you can use what is in the package deal. The items are selected because they are normal food items that most families will use.

For more information on Share Food go to sharefood-peoria.org or contact the First Christian Church at 448-9501. Clay City's program can be contacted at 939-3202. The August sign-up has already passed. Participants will take a box or laundry basket to pick up their orders at the church on Aug. 22. I think Clay City's distribution site is Abundant Life Center.

I did not find the date for September sign-ups but assume it will be on the morning of Sept. 12 because the pick-up date is the 26. It is usually two weeks between ordering and delivery. Some folks use the Share Food program for a few months to restock the freezer and then drop out until the freezer gets low. You don't have to sign up to be a life member, just order the units that work for your household.

The Share Food program is open to everyone. You do not have to be a member of the church. Thanks to the hours the volunteers put in to make this available in our communities. Donate a couple of hours if you can spare the time. It is a good program.

Bill Green from the Lena Church joined us this past Sunday to share pictures from the New Indiana Conference of Methodist Churches. The north and south have joined into one division. Bill and Pastor Bob Kumpf attended the conference June 25-28.

This year's conference stressed to the delegates that we needed to Rethink Church. It is not just a structure that we sit in on Sunday morning. We need to be more involved to get more people active and in the pews. Church should be a verb rather than a noun; it is an action not just a place. We have always used the adjective Open to describe our hearts, minds, and doors at the Methodist Churches. That, too, needs to be a verb. Let's really open those hearts and minds when we open the doors.

Bill and Pastor Bob reported on some of the activities at the Conference. Thirty-three elders, deacons, and pastors were commissioned. Former Pastor Ernie Howard was one of the 23 retirees that were honored.

The two delegates were assigned to help at the Center for Abused Families. This is one of the many facilities supported through our mission monies. Operation Classroom is another mission. Over 300 boxes were collected last year and were sent to 18 schools in Africa where supplies were needed. Our HUMC Women will coordinate efforts to solicit donations to send to Breden for packing.

I talked to two sets of proud parents this last Sunday at Harmony United Methodist Church. Cheryl and David Brinson were happy to say that Schuyler had joined the working forces. He finished his music degree at Anderson University but will continue to work four days a week as a staff accompanist.

Schuyler spends the fifth day at Pendleton Heights High School accompanying the choir. On Sunday, he doesn't rest. The young Mr. Brinson is the Director of Music and Organist at the Chesterfield Christian Church. With all his activities, Schuyler has decided to take a little breather before going back for his master degree. He needs to finish only a class or two to complete qualifications for a teaching position but hasn't made up his mind if that is the direction for him.

Proud parents Judy and Fritz Maurer brought daughter Elisha and granddaughter Ella to church Sunday. Elisha was spending the weekend before heading to Michigan on a business trip. She and her husband have moved to Evansville where she now works for the Meade Johnson Company.

Having lived in Southern Indiana for years, I had often heard of the Meade Johnson Drug Company but was surprised to learn that Alicia is a scientist for their Nutrition Program. This includes Enfamil but has many more formulas that most of us never hear about in our daily lives.

Besides the various stages of baby formula, Meade Johnson makes a total of 17 various nutrition programs. Many are for people with PKU diseases that can't break down proteins in the body. You would have to ask Alicia or Papa Fritz to explain that. They speak the same language that the rest of us mortals just don't understand.

Apparently, the formulas are used in several counties besides the U.S. and are being marketed to many more. The company had looked for someone who understood the science and could explain it to the rest of us and to Poland, Thailand, France, Spain, and Italy. Elisha was hired several months ago to be that person. She also helps other employees, in other divisions, to understand the Nutrition Program.

If you don't remember what Elisha looks like, from her years growing up in Clay County and graduating from Northview, she can still be seen in the commercials for her former employer, Dr. Gomez. The lady in the white coat, at the weight loss center, is our own Elisha (Maurer) London. Check out Channel 13 in Indianapolis.

Happy August Birthdays to Barbara Pell (13th), Cousin Nete Clark (15th), Dorothy Julbert (19th), Jim Lawrence (23rd), Annie Pell and Pastor Bob Kumpf (24th), Saylor Clark (25th), Schuyler Brinson, Judy Black, Mike and Mikey Escott (26th), Jeni Bridgewater (30th). Happy Belated Birthday to Carson Butts.

Community Calendar

Aug. 14 -- 52nd Annual Carbon UMC Homemade Ice Cream Social 4:30-7 p.m.

Aug.t 30 -- Lester Family sings Gospel Music at the Nazarene Church 6 p.m.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Aug. 16-- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m., Bible Study 7 p.m.

Aug. 17 -- Confirmation Class

Aug. 24 -- HUMC Women 7 p.m.