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Friday, August 14, 2009

Brazil First United Methodist Church

Children will be singing with the contemporary praise band at the 11 a.m. worship. The traditional worship, which begins at 9 a.m., features the old hymns including "Nothing But The Blood." Pastor Tony Alstott's message is "Because You Said So," from the gospel of Luke. The church is located at 201 N. Meridian St., Brazil.

The Sunday School time begins at 10:10 a.m. for children and adults. Good Intentions Bible Study meets Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.

A mission trip is scheduled for November to continue the Katrina Recovery effort.

Soup Kitchen serves free meals on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m., for anyone who needs physical nourishment.

Open Hands Preschool is now enrolling for fall classes. The new phone number is 812-443-2230. Classes begin this week.

For more information, visit our website at brazilfirstumc.org

Carbon Baptist Church

Hello from Carbon Baptist Church.

Please be praying for all the school children and all those affiliated with the school system, as the school season is upon us. Looking ahead to next week our Ladies Ministry will be meeting at the church at 5:45 p.m., and car pool to the home of Carolyn Taylor. The guest speaker will be Ann Coker and she will be speaking on the Crisis Pregnancy Center where she is the director. All ladies are invited to attend.

Have a good week. Has anyone told you they love you today? We do.

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church

The Pastor is Father Harold W. Rightor II.

Email for the parish office can be sent to annunicationchurch @msn.com.

Mass schedule: Saturday 6:30 p.m., Sunday 8:30 a.m., Tuesday 5:30 p.m., Wednesday 9:00 a.m., Thursday 8:30 a.m. Reconciliation is 5:45-6:15, Saturday, or by appointment.

Divine Mercy Chaplet is prayed the first Sunday of each month at 8 a.m.

To schedule time to see Father Harold please call the parish office, at 448-1901.

The church is located at 19 N. Alabama St. in Brazil. Handicapped parking is available in the parking lot between the church and the Parish Center.

If you have any news of interest to the parish please send me an e-mail at eaburt48@hot-mail.com. News must be submitted to me before Wednesday to get it in the paper on Saturday.

Plans are being made to have a joint parish picnic with Holy Rosary in the Forest Park Pavilion (the "Cow Palace") on Sept. 27. Mass will be celebrated by Father Harold at 10:30 a.m. in the pavilion with a pitch-in picnic afterward. All parishioners, family, and friends are invited.

Families whose last name starts with A through G are asked to bring a dessert to share; names H through P are asked to bring a vegetable dish; names Q through Z are asked to bring a salad. The Knight of Columbus will grill hamburgers and hotdogs. The Lady Knights will provide paper goods and drinks.

Games and activities will be planned for the youth and the young-at-heart, but all families are invited to bring their favorite lawn games or other activities. Drinks, paper goods, tables and seating will be provided. You are invited to stay as long as you wish after the dinner. Why not plan on spending the afternoon visiting with old friends and making some new friends? Let's make this a picnic like we used to have years ago.

Much of history of Annunciation may be viewed at the following web site: http://mysite.verizon.net/resolhio/annun...

Bingo every Sunday evening at Kennedy Crossing. We are smoke-free. If we have 100 or more players at 7 p.m. the pots will be $100. Come early and socialize and get something to eat. We always have good food and free coffee. Doors open at 5:15 p.m. We play 10 speed games starting at 6 p.m. each and every Sunday and our Early Bird games start at 6:30 p.m. Regular bingo starts at 7 p.m.

Our bingo hall is located at 8990 N. Kennedy Crossing Rd. across from the Northview High School baseball field. We are handicapped accessible and we have a lighted parking lot and a covered outside smoking area.

Bee Ridge Church

Good morning to you all. Last week, I asked you to mark Aug. 15 on your calendar. That's because this is the day for our Ice Cream Social. It starts at 5 p.m., and will continue till people quit showing up. Our menu this year will be different. We will not be serving our regular dinner meal. Instead, we will have hot dogs on a bun, desserts, drinks and home made vanilla ice cream. Hope to see you all!

We all know what it's like to want to be in control. In some ways, exerting control is an important survival skill. For example, we have every right to be in control of our own bodies and our own lives. Taking control in these cases is empowering and necessary. Controlling behavior in the negative sense comes from a tendency to reach beyond our own boundaries and into the lives of others. Many people do this with the idea that they are helping. This can happen with parents who are still trying to force their grown children into behaving in ways that they find acceptable. It can also happen when people try to control their partner's behavior. If you have control issues, you will see that in one or more areas of your life, you feel the need to interfere with what is happening rather than just allowing events to unfold. Almost everyone has at least one situation or relationship in which they try to take control. Controlling behavior generally goes hand in hand with an unwillingness to be direct about what you want, as well as an inability to let go and let people live their own lives. If you are the one that is controlling, it's probably because you feel as if you are out of control and it scares you. Try to pick one thing you could just let unfold without any control on your part. Examine how it made you feel both before and after, and examine why you wanted to control the situation. It's hard to allow others to be who they are, especially if we feel we know what's best for them and we see them making choices we wouldn't make. However, if we are to be respectful and truly loving, we have to let people go, trusting that they will find their own way in their own time and understanding that it is their life to live. In other words, let go and let God. He knows what is best for us. If we turn our difficulties and/or problems over to Him, our Lord will lead us in the right direction.

Pastor Jeff and the congregation invite you to visit our church. Sunday School services start at 9:30 a.m., and church starts at 10:30 a.m. We are located at 10100 N. Kennedy's Crossing Rd. We will be looking for you. Take care and God bless.

Harmony United Methodist Church

We have just experienced a beautiful week of sunshine and wonderful weather! For some of us, it was hard to keep our minds on the routine tasks we had to do as we sat inside and looked out of the window at the gorgeous sky and the wind gently blowing through the trees and grass. We wanted to be out there soaking it all in! But Indiana isn't always sunny and beautiful!

What a difference it makes when clouds and storms cover the sky and block out the sun.

We all know about the darkness of night and of gloomy days. It keeps us from seeing things clearly and as they really are. It's the same with spiritual darkness. We cannot see or experience the fullness that life has to offer until we walk in the light. This Sunday we will study Paul's letter to the Ephesians as he encourages them to "live as children of the light."

This week we will be starting a confirmation class for youth and adults wanting to know more about basic Christianity, baptism and church membership. The class is open to all and will be on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 Lena UMC. Call 812-448-2917 for more information.

As always, there will be plenty of great fellowship and sharing in joys and concerns. We invite and welcome any who would like to attend! Sunday Morning Worship -- 9 a.m., Sunday School -- 10:45 a.m. Come and join us!

Seelyville United Methodist Church

Seelyville United Methodist Church is a Christian community of Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors. We located at US 40 and 2nd Street in Seelyville, one block east of the stoplight.

Join us for 9:30 Sunday morning worship when guest pastor Rev. Jill Moffitt-Howard will bring us the Word of God. The McCreas will present special music for this service. A time of fellowship follows worship with Sunday School for all ages beginning at 10:45 a.m. Nursery care is provided beginning at 9:15.

August Share Food orders can be picked up 9-11 a.m. Saturday morning, Aug. 22.

For more information, visit www.seely-villeumc.org, email seelyvilleumc@verizon.net, or call 812-877-1868.

Otter Creek Christian Church

What a wonderful day, God is so Good and did you know He inhabits our praises? Psalms 22: 3 says "But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitiest the praises of Israel (God's chosen) v4

Our fathers trusted in thee; they trusted and thou (you) delivered them."

This is where we stand today, our forefathers trusted God to deliver them from their hardships and enemies, what do we do trust God or lean to our own understanding. God is much more aware of what we need than we are. Most of the time, we are only thinking about what we want not what God Wants.

Praises can be anything from a song to raising of hands or a simple thank you and sharing your faith. There is a chorus that goes "Lord I lift your name on high, lord, I love to sing your praises, you came from heaven to earth to show me the way; from the earth to the cross, my debt to pay, from the cross to the grave from the grave to the sky lord I lift your name on high." When we praise God we give from the heart not just from our mouth, it really makes a difference in our outlook and God hears those praises.

This week praise God for all the things in your life--good or bad--sometimes things don't go perfectly as we plan but I've found that my plans aren't always bad they are just sometimes out of timing with God's plans.

We invite anyone who doesn't have a church home or are visiting in our area to join us at Otter Creek Christian Church, 6299 N. Crow Street Brazil, Ind. Phone: 812-249-3309 after 4:30 p.m. or the pastor's home at 812-446-4007 or Sundays at 812-446-5300.

Sunday Study at 9:30 a.m., and Worship at 10:40 a.m. Tonight we'll be having a pitch-in fellowship dinner at 6:00 p.m. and singing following featuring people from Otter Creek Church--Public is invited.

I'd like to thank those who came to help dedicate the new Christian Book Store, as we've been sharing about this many people have shown a positive interest that it will be opening October tenth; at 11 a.m.

If you see a person who has served our country to try to maintain our freedom, please say a heart felt thanks. You might also thank our firemen, policemen and others who serve our community. May God be with each of them as they perform their duties. Also keep in prayer all the families left behind while these brave men and women go into harms way to keep freedom--remember freedom is not free it comes with a price. Even our Freedom in Christ came because He was crucified for our sins but Praise be to God he arose on the third day and is now our advocate with The lord Gof!

Til we fellowship again either in person or by way of this column. May God be with you.

Eastside Christian Church

What a beautiful Sunday we had. We want to thank Millie, Ann and Dave for leading us in song.

This Sunday is the last day to place your Angel Food order.

We missed some of our people last Sunday, but we realize it is almost time for school to start, so some are trying to get in a few last days of vacation.

We want to thank Holly for the lovely flowers, and the Pierces for trimming the bushes.

Pastor's messages have been from the book of James. If you have not been with us, you are missing out. Last Sunday's message was on Taming the Tongue, which we all have a problem doing. We want to invite you to come tomorrow.

Mark Aug. 30 on your calendars. We want to invite you to come to our first annual Family Sunday. Even if you go somewhere else, we would like for you and your family to be with us on that Sunday.

Also Men, don't forget about your Saturday morning Bible study. All men are invited. Pastor will be presenting a study on Love and Respect which will be for both men and their wives starting next Saturday. I am sure you will not want to miss this.

Remember to pray everyday. God does like for you to talk to Him. And He does answer prayer. Until next time, may God bless you.

Carbon United Methodist Church

Well, this was the big week of our 52nd Homemade Ice Cream Supper ... And what a week it was! Folks worked at making the homemade BBQ, the homemade pimento cheese sandwiches, the homemade salads, the homemade desserts, the homemade strawberry shortcakes, and the homemade ice cream mix.

The hot dogs and buns were bought, however.

This is quite an undertaking for our little church. We had always depended on teenagers to do the actual cranking, but this year they were back at school! Cranking two-gallon ice cream freezers by hand is no easy task. The kids who helped got to lick the paddles when they were done.

But, as usual, everyone came through with whatever they had signed up for and we all had a great time Friday evening. I think we enjoy it as much as our guests. We get to see many folks who come for ice cream every year, and that is quite gratifying.

Over the years, we have thought of trying to provide some kind of entertainment for the evening, but each time this has been turned down. People enjoy visiting with each other and doing a lot of talking...and that is the best kind of entertainment.

The Administrative Board will meet Monday evening, and the Believers will meet Tuesday evening. The Believers will need to begin working on getting things ready for our Believers' Bazaar that will be held during the Van Buren Volunteer Fire Department's big fish fry on September 19.

Come to church Sunday and help us thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed on us. If your response to that is "What blessings?" Then you really need to come to church and do some serious soul-searching! Sunday School is at 9:30 and Worship is at 10:30.

First Baptist Church

If you can think back through this week, you are a survivor! Thank God for being there. That is a starting place because God is always there. It makes the opening of this new week an adventure.

We look forward to beginning the new week in corporate worship. Sunday school going at 9:30 with classes for nursery through adults. You will be greeted at the Christian Ed. door by at least one.

Worship service begins at 10:30. Marcia Davis will be in the nursery. Darlene Shepard will take the Spirit Kids (K-2nd) to their area from the sanctuary. This Sunday is Promotion Sunday. Our students will be recognized during this time.

AWANA has a grand kick-off this Sunday at 5:30! I hear they will have a very special, favorite meal to start off this season. The volunteers are ready for a large energy surge to come through the doors! Children 3 yrs. through 5th grades will begin in the sanctuary for their opening exercises and devotions, then move down to the fellowship room and classrooms for nourishment through food, fun, and learning.

Stephanie Plummer is back at the helm of the Jr./Sr. Youth. Thanks to Caitlynn McKinney for her leadership during the summer. They will also meet at 5:30.

The adults will meet in the sanctuary at 6 p.m. for praise and study.

Wednesday at 12:15 Pastor Mark will lead the Through-the-Bible study for all that are able to attend. The guides available for each week are a wonderful option for your Bible study throughout the week.

Thursday, at noon, the Homemakers meet in the fellowship room.

Friday evening the Hi-Shi-Ni class will meet for a carry-in fellowship.

Looking ahead, next Sunday is Donut Sunday and the 5th Sunday we will have a mission dinner following morning services.

This month the American Baptists will give their mission offerings to World Missions. "Jesus calls his followers to make disciples of everyone, everywhere. The call of International Ministries is to help people come to Christ, grow in Christ and change their worlds with Christ.

We as American Baptists work hand-in-hand with local Christian partners in over 70 countries to plant new congregations and to preach Good News to those who have not heard about the love of Jesus Christ."

Have you heard? We'll see you Sunday.

Tuesday night church co-ed league, five members of men and/or women, need teams. Contact Jeff Bridgewater at 812-241-3036. New season starts Aug. 18.

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This all sounds like very nice endeavors for Children. It would be good if they had such throughout our Country, America. Also would be wonderful if the whole world would take such an interest in the young people.

Something about myself: I'm an ordained minister, though: 81 years old now. So I'm now a full time writer. I have written three books that some of the Children may be interested in. I'll leave a link to my most recent published book. The name of the book is: Beyond the Golden Sunset and by the Crystal Sea. It's an Christian oriented adventure story. It can also readily be found on Google.com

Warm Regards

William Dunigan


-- Posted by William Dunigan on Tue, Aug 18, 2009, at 11:10 AM

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