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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last week's storm tilted the corn toward the ground. The sun has since rescued it from the mud. A few bush bean plants flipped their lids and the tomato plants needed help getting up. The weeds weathered the storm. By next day, others joined them.

Mommy deer and her twin babies and a crippled youngster, a year or older helped themselves to a few tops of my laid-back corn. I asked them to leave and they jumped the fence to the safety of pasture.

Even the old fully fruited apple tree and the burning bush got a brief break from the foragers. I assessed the damage, then, left their dinner table behind.

The strong winds sent nuts from the walnut tree, several feet away, along the easement, to the back of the little blue house at the end of the road.

The window glass survived the event, but those run-a-way nuts are meats for the crusher. When the snow flies, we will have black walnut this and that. This old girl can shell them out.

A tree laced with wild grape vines fell across Elm Street that blocked the road.

Paul moved it out of the way, as much as he could and informed the City. Shortly thereafter, employees cleared the road. We thank them!

I have been trying to find some healthy rabbits, a buck and a doe, nothing fancy, all spring and summer, to no avail. It would be nice to raise a litter or two and add tame rabbit meat to the chest freezer again.

Last Tuesday my neighbor called and asks me if I knew anyone looking for the above mentioned. He also had two nice cages to sell. I told him that I would stop by his place located on Mary Patton Drive. I might be interested in the lot.

Walter and Bert Head live just through the field from me, but I had not been down their way for a spell. We pulled up in front of their little bright blue home trimmed in white.

For a few moments, Paul and I almost forgot why we were there. We were standing in such a lovely yard we stopped to drink it in. There is much beauty to see on the well manicured lawn.

I thought of my grandmothers' old fashioned flower gardens, fragrant and colorful much like Walt and Bert's works. Perennials, annuals and climbing vines do not share common space -- the seeds, seedlings and bulbs are all set and sown by careful planning and planting, in good taste-to each its own bed, a labor of love, their passion.

The couple has artistic talent. Throughout the grounds one can see yard ornaments of varied materials, shapes and functions.

I loved the wishing well! A honeysuckle vine filled with orange trumpet blooms entwine the woven wire roof, plants fill the cavity, for sure; hummingbirds fill up on nectar there. Birds sing, bees buzz and butterflies flit about. The well-shaped weeping willow and assorted shrubs enhance the lush green, closely clipped landscape, as well.

The wall of the neat red painted barn is the home of several characters that Bert drew and Walter painted. Those are worthy of praise by the most critical eye and add even more charm to the yard.

The patriotic couple use red, white and blue paint on ornaments, pillars, and stepping stones.

They use recycled materials, good yard sale finds and shop the stores. Walt and Bert are working on an eagle. The brick pedestal is in place and the soon-to be colorful eagle is a work in progress.

If you are ever out that way, slow down when you pass the little blue house almost to the end of Mary Patton Drive (formerly North Vandalia) slow down and smell the roses.

Thank you Walter and Bert, we enjoyed our brief visit. The pens are in place and the buck rabbit is doing well behind the little blue house in my space, doe or not by his side.

May the simple pleasures of life live on for folks like us! God Bless both of you.

Recently, our eldest daughter Starla McHugh and her sons and their fiancées', vacationed in California.

While visiting Huntington Beach, my youngest grandson, Daniel James Risk placed an engagement ring on the finger of the love of his life, Ms. Amber Schwarzkopf, on bent knee.

The young couple plan on finishing school and looking at an early summer wedding for 2011.

Starla's eldest son, Michael Risk and his bride to be, Ms. Kayleigh Frendenburg will exchange vows in 2010.

Our youngest daughter, Lori Patrick honored a promised graduation gift to her daughter; Olivia Erin Cory this past week. The two enjoyed a Caribbean cruise.

Lori and Livy snorkeled for the first time and saw many beautiful fish. They enjoyed the many amenities that the cruise ship afforded them and more.

Starla plans to come home at the end of the month to Michael's 25th birthday. Matt and Lindsay Terry are planning a cookout to honor her brother, at their new home, in Brownsburg.

Well folks it's to see what Paul Baby and Tootie Mae are watching on the tube besides their reflections.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.