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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are you wearing that sunscreen that I stress is so important to your skin's health and your well-being?

I practice what I preach for a good reason. Another family member would agree.

Last week, our daughter, Starla Gail McHugh, underwent a surgical procedure to remove what proved to be melanoma. Other abnormalities of the skin's surface received treatment as well.

The Art Institute of Colorado recently accepted our granddaughter Olivia Cory's application. The campus is located in downtown Denver. A degree in culinary art is her goal.

Lindsay Terry, my eldest granddaughter, introduced me to, last week. She said that I would enjoy connecting with family and friends through the website. I knew nothing about my latest window to cyberspace. I now have 12 friends on my page.

Lindsay Marie added a photo of me that has the other girls in the family giggling and commenting. I appreciate the fact that she uploaded a back view of me.

I enjoyed viewing many albums of the family's pictures. I learned things about all of them that I never knew while visiting more than four walls and many new and old posts.

Not that long ago, my late grandmother Siner spent many lonely hours working with balls of yarn, skeins of crochet thread and needles. She worried about us and cared deeply. Unless we visited her, she knew little of how we were.

With a click of my mouse, I am in Denver, Boston, Phoenix, Brownsbug and more. I am everywhere I want to be without leaving my little blue house at the end of the road. Maybe family connections and my circle of friendships will grow. That is my goal.

Tootie Mae is in the doghouse, today, and for good reason. The cute little dachshund came to her new home almost five months ago. Paper was not one of her snack foods. This morning, Toot found an Enquirer and ate the head off Brad Pitt. I caught her in the act.

She is too young to have access to all of that hogwash. Besides, she missed her usual snack, a better choice. She creeps around the length and breadth of this house, like an algae eater working on the bottom of a fish tank.

Sometimes, like an anteater, my girl will send out that long tongue and takes in a black ant that bravely makes it across the chalk line on the threshold of the back door. She jumps on the scales with me, most mornings. The error is apparent.

The keyboard of this computer perks her attention too. I just know she wants her spot on

I am doing my best to be a good mom to her and try to teach her the difference between good, better and best behavior and detour her from destructive binges.

Is our friendship and mutual admiration in jeopardy? Of course not. The bond is strong. She sighs when I tuck her in at night. I wonder if it is because she is so comfortable and happy or relieved to get me off her case a few hours.

Gee, if only she could talk. Oh, forget that thought. My little "Toot-Toot" in all probability, would eat her own words.

After eating a short ton of starter/grower in bard rock pullets are reviewing their future nests. Soon, it will be their time to shine for me alongside the five red hens already productive.

The two large mixed roosters from another hatching will be pot ready soon. There is no need for the lay to hang around here. Butchering day will find me picking, grinning and cutting like crazy.

A little chicken and noodles, tasty sides and a fresh homegrown garden salad is always a winner with Paul Baby and me -- any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Just think a few seeds, a fertile egg and luck makes my late summer meal possible.

I pity the caregiver when this senior must give up all of her fun stuff -- my simple pleasures.

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