Letter to the Editor

Public is 'overdue' history lesson

Sunday, August 30, 2009

To the Editor:

Our school corporation's public is overdue for a history lesson before entering into our elementary school building project.

And is overdue before our board approves this budget.

Millions were spent to construct Northview High School in the 1980s. High dropout rates and low graduation rates surfaced after this construction and have persisted.

Next in line for large building expenditures was North Clay Middle School. Drop out rates and low rates of graduation did not improve with this construction and may have increased.

Now, we are renovating all elementary school buildings at a high cost, with no effort to improve our drop out rate. No analysis, nor solution, for our dropouts has ever been addressed during this renovation planning. Consequently, in nine years when the bond issue for these renovations is retired, a higher drop rate in our high schools can be anticipated.

The cause for our dropouts needs to be identified now. The cause needs to be addressed now and the present renovation plan needs to be altered now.

The structural security just bought for $200,000 will not solve our drop out problem. This $200,000 could have been of more value to have been used for educational security for our dropout students.

Our dropout students are human beings in need of education security in our classrooms. I challenge our school board to change direction with the current renovation project and to supply this needed educational security for our students along with the structural security in order to get complete security for all students. This can be done with much less cost than the current $26 million bond issue for nine years. Try it.

If it takes a mass pressure from our public or a recall and replacement approach of our superintendent and board members, so be it. Our students come first and are worth salvaging. Our superintendent and school board exist to provide all students' needs.

Such public input and pressure needs to be corporation-wide in order to be effective and supportive of all students in our corporation. This can be accomplished.

I am requesting that the option I present be seriously addressed and not presented to the public by our school board before approving the current budget. I have tried to get this done during the past year but have been blocked by our superintendent and other board members.

Educational values must move forward with any renovation or new construction. Otherwise, this school board is wasting taxpayers' money and seriously damaging our students' education.

Public and taxpayers, the ball is in your park. Step up and go to bat for our students. Our students are dependent on you to win the game.

Forrest R. Buell,

Clay City