Letter to the Editor

Residents should take advantage of share food

Sunday, August 30, 2009

To the Editor:

My name is Sharon Crawford and I have been getting the (share food) ever since it started some 13 years ago and thought it was great then and still do today.

My problem is that the program is in trouble because not enough people utilize it in Clay County and don't have enough volunteers to run it.

If we do not have enough orders then the truck will not stop here. So, I have decided to tell everyone about this program and ask more people to try this program so we can keep it alive. At a time when everyone is having a hard time making ends meet, this is just one way of getting a little help. It is not just for low income it is for everyone, it is getting more food for less money.

If there is something I can't use, I give it to someone I know can use it. They have a paper they hand out that tells what packages are available and how much. Helping unload the trucks and passing out the food is a great way for organizations to teach young people values in helping others.

Our youth group has done it and so have my family and I intend to continue to help.

It is from 7:30-10:30 a.m., one time a month.

After you sign up the first time, then you can sign up and pick up all in one trip. Please help keep this program alive.

Any questions? Call Sharon Crawford and I will direct you where to go and who to call. My number is 442-1061.

Sharon Crawford,