Letter to the Editor

Health care needs change

Sunday, August 30, 2009

To the Editor:

I am not against health insurance reform.

We need changes to our current system.

There is a wonderful proposal in Congress at this time that addresses all the issues that contribute to the rising health care costs without mandating social healthcare on all Americans.

HR3400 deals with assistance to low income families, tax credits for insurance premiums, tort reform, eliminating the pre-existing condition clause, has provisions for dealing with fraud, waste and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid, etc.

You can read the bill online at the Thomas Library of Congress. Since this bill is Republican sponsored, it will not get out of the House.

When there are less than 5 percent of Americans that would benefit by national healthcare, why should we subject all Americans to some mediocre plan? Why would members of Congress exempt themselves from such a plan?

I do not believe that Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA health insurance programs are the best this country has to offer. But, most importantly, they are bankrupt. And, we cannot refuse those programs when we become eligible.

There are many financially secure Americans who do not need or want Social Security and they can well afford their own medical are.

However, they are forced into those social programs because the government has made it illegal for them to opt out.

I would prefer to keep my health benefits just the way they are and find some program to cover those who do not have insurance. This sweeping national healthcare program (HR3200) would be an intrusion into everyone's private life. Eventually, we would all be subject to the government option. That is the ultimate goal, the government takeover of healthcare.

Health insurance companies are in the business to make money. They employ a lot of people and they do make money. That is their objective. (The government has no money, not one penny of its own. They only have taxpayer money that is spent before it ever gets to Washington).

Most insurance companies have not taken a public stand on this issue. They are on the fence until they see which side is winning. They do not wish to offend the administration by lobbying against socialized medicine. I have heard that Blue Cross is no longer issuing individual health insurance policies in anticipation of the bill passing.

There are 60 Democrat votes in the Senate, enough to pass their bill. They do not need one Republican vote. However, they now wish to change the rules so the bill can pass with only 51 votes. This means that not all the Democrats are going to vote for their bill. Why not?

Provisions in HR3200 would not be implemented until 2013. What is the hurry on passing this bill? Why do "something" just because something needs to be done?

Let's do the right thing. Let's do what is best for all our citizens.

Contact your senators and representative and ask them to slow down on healthcare reform. Read the bills, vote no on socialized medicine, examine HR3400 and above all, be good stewards of this country.

Jo Wininger,