Letter to the Editor

Why not just show the speech?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To the Editor:

As a former high school teacher, I know for a fact how many students do not graduate high school.

Why then was the president's speech not shown in most Clay County schools -- more than 95 percent?

Was his message not important enough for our corporation to encourage students to stay in school?

The record shows that this type of speech from former presidents was not questioned previously and was shown to students.

I called the superintendent's office and found that in some schools, the speech was taped and might be shown later.

As far as I can determine, it was shown to at least one high school class.

I called Jackson Township Elementary and spoke with the principal, who said several parents called in and threatened to take their children out of school if the speech was shown.

He further instructed his teachers to not show the speech and said students could watch it at home.

Parents have the right to keep their children home, but the schools can send students who do not want to hear the speech out of the classroom -- to not show the speech, knowing that the potential to encourage out students to stay in school was not the best choice.

Marie Moore,