Letter to the Editor

The pleasure was all ours

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To the Editor:

We have become weary and distrusting of politicians. We feel like they are not common folks like us and don't understand the concerns and lives of their constituents. The hot air that comes from their speeches is as stifling as the hot, humid, thick air of August. However, on Tuesday, Sept. 8, we experienced a refreshing cool breeze.

Like most people in the area, we had never heard of Marlin Stutzman even though he has served in the Indiana legislature since 2002. We decided to invite him to come and be "interviewed" for the job of our U.S. Senator by us and 50 of our friends. We were deeply impressed.

Marlin is the real deal. Talking with Marlin and his wife Christy is like talking with long time friends. They hold tightly to the small town Hoosier values that most of us hold dear. Marlin has a strong faith in God, a great love for his family and a firm understanding of the U.S. Constitution and a devotion to the founding principles of this country. He sees big government adding to our problems, not solving them.

Marlin is not afraid to work. He has been a partner of his family's fourth generation farm since he was 17. As owner and founder of Stutzman Trucking, he understands the pressures of owning his own business. He sees the way the federal government adds to those pressures with red tape and ill though-out mandates.

Marlin is not a politician who is just looking to win the next election, but a true statesman who sees himself as a steward of our liberty for our posterity.

Thus, we have decided to fully support Marlin Stutzman in his 2010 bid to win the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Evan Bayh. We encourage you find out more about Marlin Stutzman at www.gomarlin.com.


Andy and Jodi Lohrman,