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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally, some of the dust has settled. I have been suffering from allergies ever since Paul purchased me a new weed whacker. I beat up and destroyed a pile of bullish weeds. The mature weeds shed seeds and fluff, junk and stuff. Ok pollen, if you will! Ever since, I suffer.

I like simple yard tools, always did. We have an assortment of weed eaters, several makes and models, good, better and best .I cannot say that I have ever used those gas-power tools. I would rather use a honed down sickle or Grandpa's old heavy scythe.

Paul ran over the hickory handle of the old-fashioned whacker that I used for years. Therefore, my good husband added a replacement to his shopping list.

Thanks to Ace Hardware's inventory of handy hard to find yard tools, I am back in business. There is nothing stopping me now. I am a happy swinger-of said tool that is!

This whacker from way back brushes up on her swing a little each day, just in case I decide to take up the game of golf when my work is done here. Picture that!

This weekend, my daughter Starla McHugh and my granddaughter, Lindsay Marie Terry enjoyed a mother and daughter road trip. They went to the Country Living Fair located at Ohio Historical Village, in Columbus Ohio. There "the pages of Country Living magazine comes to life rain or shine!''

A show and sale of Folk art, antiques, "Made in America" crafts, fine art, furniture, home décor and more delighted the browsers/power shoppers.

Lindsay said that the only thing about the trip that bothered her was voice in her GPS system griping at her, repeatedly.

Before Starla flew back to Arizona, she and Lindsay visited their friend and favorite hair stylist's place, "em Studio Salon" in Brownsburg. Elisha and staff raised $6000 for Angie's Hope and Sheltered Wings.

I enjoyed a pleasurable ride around Brazil this week. I was not seeking to find fault or evaluating the conditions of the streets or the buildings that sit on them. I was not looking to complain to our present hard working administration or through this newspaper.

Mayor Ann Bradshaw is doing a fine job. I applaud the members of the board and all city employees as well.

This long time citizen of the community was simply enjoying the sights and sounds of my town, the place that I am extremely proud to call home. All but three of my, soon to be, seventy years have been spent here. I cannot think of one other place that I would rather be.

My Scottish ancestors came here and some settled not far from where I live today. They were so grateful to be in their new home away from home, so much that, I doubt if they complained much either.

Every town has bad apples in their barrel, bad people that do not play by the rules, good people that falter and loose their way. People that steal, cheat, lie, drink excessively and break the law. We are not immune to that sort of behavior of now and never were.

No town can totally eradicate the aforementioned.

Every town has slobs that do not give a darn if their property looks good to them or the critical eyes of others. We cannot blame the city for that.

Some folks are disabled or out of work. Could be they do not have know - how, means or the benefit of qualified help to improve the house and property that they call home. Without knowing their circumstances, it would be unfair to pass judgment there.

I do not envy those who live in fancier homes than my little blue house at the end of the road. This is the best little dollhouse any girl could ever want. Inside it is fancy, by my standards, to a fault. Outside the work is in progress. This is it. The best to me. God is good!

So, where am I going with this? What did I see on my ride around Brazil? Beautifully maintained parks, St. Vincent Clay Hospital, great schools, well- maintained cemeteries, churches, restaurants, the court house, a history museum, a grand library, post office and so much more - businesses to cover most every want and need is all here in Brazil, Indiana.

It is grating to my ears to hear those few that spout this town "ain't what it used to be. There is nothing here, but thugs, drugs, trashy houses and such." Not true!

I ask you to block out the negatives for a few moments and look again.

Paul and I send condolence to the family and extended family of Phyllis Jane Holechko.

We shall always cherish our friendship and remember the lovely woman for her kind and caring ways.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.