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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Members of the Clay County Retired Teachers Executive Board planned to attend the IRTA Fall Workshop in Indianapolis on Tuesday. I haven't had a chance to check to see how it went. Being a new officer, I should have been there but had prior commitments on that day. Those planning to attend were Leroy Sedgwick, Jesse Pitts, and Carolyn Tausig.

While the other CCRTA officers were headed one direction, I was headed south. Sharene Wallenbrock and I were meeting friends near Loogootee to have lunch at Stoll's Lakeview Restaurant. Eight of us had been trying to get together for a year and just could not make connections with everyone's schedule. Four drove up from Jasper and two of my old neighbors came from Lake Helmerich. Two of the friends spend the winters in Florida and were leaving in October. If we did not get together in September, another year would pass without a visit.

One friend, Rick Smith, had told me months ago that he would look up the origin of the town's name after a discussion on towns with unusual names. Why was a town in Indiana called Brazil?

Rick brought a book that gave three explanations of why Brazil is called Brazil. One said that no one could agree on whose name should be bestowed on the town. After several drinks the men's arguments over the name would get pretty heated. Someone mentioned that the heated arguments were like the revolution in Brazil, South America that was written up in the newspaper. That prompted the naming of the town.

Another explanation told of someone coming to town to pick up supplies during a terrible thunderstorm. The owner was out sick. The clerk thought they were asking about the owner and said, "Brays ill."

Does anyone have an actual historical explanation for the naming of the town? How about Harmony, too? I assume Knightsville is named after a wealthy citizen named Knight. That was often the custom. Center Point and Clay City seem self-explanatory. What about Carbon? Does it relate to mining or the railroad?

The Brazil discussion turned to catching up on family and friends not there. We enjoyed the plentiful buffet at Stolls, a good visit, and watching the fisherman glide past in their pontoons.

After lunch, Sharene and I headed to Jasper. We looked at the rebuilding of the old mill, toured the exhibit at the art gallery, and made a quick stop at the Jasper City Bakery for treats to take home. We then headed up to Montgomery to see if they still had the homemade benches I had seen months ago. No luck.

A downpour signaled time to head north. We curved through Washington and headed on back with a load of mums, a pretty tray, some peanut butter spread, and a big sack of interesting gourds. We had a good day.

The new little truck did fine on the trip. Maybe I should call it Hi, Ho Silver rather than Hershey Kiss. After all, it is a distant cousin to a Mustang. It takes a while to find just the right name for a new adoptee.

Harmony United Methodist Women are meeting at my house on Sept. 28 for a potluck picnic. I will furnish the meats, potato salad, drinks, and a dessert. Guests are welcome. We will pass the sign-up sheet again this Sunday for all the ladies that were out of town last week. Those from other churches can call me at 448-8734 so I know how many pork chops or chicken breasts to fix.

Wesley Chapel, Peniel, Knightsville, and North Union should have received invitations to join our potlatch. We thought those were the only churches that did not have a UM Women's group. If we were wrong, or if there are others who would like to join us, please come to the picnic.

Carolyn Kumpf will present a lesson on our Native American sisters and what we can learn from them. We will try to be kind to God's earth at our picnic. We hope to be able to make it through the day with no paper or plastic. Think about it. We are all so spoiled by throw-aways that it is hard to make it through one meal without adding to the landfills. We will try. Please bring your own table service and a drink container. I will have extras if you forget.

United Methodist Women have always tried to help women and children. Sometimes directly, sometimes by fighting for legislation, sometimes just bringing attention to various needs, the ladies have worked to cure hunger, neglect, and abuse.

Globally, the UMW has concentrated on food this year: identifying who need it, how we fellowship over it, how we say thanks, and how we can share our bounty with those in need. Having a theme helps us to stay focused on the missions at hand. UMW groups help through their pledges to local groups and to missions all over the world.

I tried the Share Food at the First Christian Church during their last sign-up and received the order during the fourth week of August.

I had written about it in previous columns but never tried it myself until last month.

I wanted to see if I would actually use the items.

I am not big on TV dinners and packaged foods. But the units I chose were normal foods. Packages of TV dinners were available but I did not have to chose them or pay for them.

I still have a few potatoes and two kiwi from the fresh produce but used everything else from last month. The kiwis were the only things that I probably would not have bought anyway. I shared the bag with my sister-in-laws. I did not know what produce items I would receive until pick up day. Because I like every vegie and fruit, except slimy little brussel sprouts, that was a pretty safe choice for me.

Less than $40 bought a lot of food even in this economy. Folks wanting to try it for the first time could order the basic classic unit for $15 to see if they like it: three frozen meats, six produce, and one bonus item. The bonus last month was a package of frozen strawberries.

Most meats from the deluxe package were about one pound packages, the right size for what I cook. The package of ham chunks was larger so Brother Mikey will use if for a big pot of beans cooked over an open fire. He can then share with his brother and sister. Thanks, Mikey.

Some folks get double or triple units depending on family size.

After trying it, I decided my money was well spent. My order for this month will include a fisherman's package and a deluxe unit. That sounded good. If I don't like it, I don't have to order it the next time it is offered. I have seldom met a fishy I didn't like. If I don't use it up fast enough, I can skip a month.

The program needs more people to keep it going. The prices are good because they can buy a bunch of heads of cabbage and a truckload of potatoes, etc. It is really good of the church to have volunteers to help coordinate this program. Anyone is welcome to join at a sign-up day.

The next one will be in October, probably the 10th. It takes just a few minutes to select and pay for the packages you want. Wait two weeks and pick them up during the time allotted on Saturday morning.

Happy Birthday to Allison Pell (September 24th), Fritz Maurer (26th), Eva Latham (October 1st), Siddalee Clark (3rd), Nick Pell (5th), Allison Butts (12th), John K. Clark (9th). Happy Anniversary to Dan & Kenda Dierdorf (October 6th) and Cheryl & David Brinson (11th), Heidi & A.J. Babkowski (15th).

Community Calendar

Sept. 24-27 -- Men's Emmaus Walk # 144 at Clay City

Sept. 25-27 -- Cory Apple Festival

Sept.26 -- Share Food Pick-up Day at First Christian Church

Oct. 6 -- Harmony Town Council at the Community Center 7:30 p.m.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Sept. 26 -- UMM Breakfast 8 a.m.

Sept. 28 -- UMW Potluck at my house 6:15 p.m.

Sept. 27 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m., Bible Study 7 p.m.

Sept. 29 -- Christian Bowling League 6:30 p.m.

Sept. 30 -- Clay County Quilters 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Bible Study 9 a.m.