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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn abounds in things to delight the senses and spirit. Trees flaunt a lavishness of color. Fruit ripens and mellows for the eating. The harvest of the year's endeavors has come. The coolness of air points to hearthside, holiday, and gathering of friends. It is a time to enjoy and share the abundance that is ours.

Esther York Burkholder

I love the season. Beautiful trees here surround us. As Esther said, soon the trees will be ablaze with color. I enjoy the sight of sunrays streaming down through the thining branches. I see the squirrels at work and play. I find interesting bee's nests and cannot stay.

Sometimes my eyes catch a few thin threads of silk drifting and dancing about in mid-air. Two pair of nosy noisy hawks fly high overhead every day. Butterflies are still happy in early autumn. I know they must hate to give up the sweetness of the flowers of summer, but in the blink of an eye, before I am ready; they disappear.

I seek out the wooly worm to catch a glimpse of his winter coat. I reckon, light or dark, whichever; color does not matter. However harsh or mild the winter might be; my teeth will chatter.

I have already stripped my garden of some of its goodness. Green beans, bell peppers beautiful tomatoes, kale and more make me smile.

Those few hardy plants and vines are still working for us, producing abundantly.

Forget the sprawling volunteer pumpkin vine or the wasted blooms. All that it has going for it is a little stripped baby about the size of one of my jumbo hen eggs, as expected of a late starter of that type.

My young hens are not fussy about size, so I will pass the treat to them. At least they will have something to cackle about, besides the shy rooster that hides between their nest boxes most of the day.

I hear the wild turkey gobblers and hens holding court, just beyond the thicket, near the path. It sounds like somebody is in trouble. Perhaps one or more of the young adventuresome "poults" forgot the safety rules.

They are too busy to stop by for handouts today. That is ok, because three crows and a huge flock of starlings dropped in for a brief visit this morning.

Their music was almost more than Tootie Mae was and I could handle. However, the travelers could have been complaining about the lack of snacks here. The fat selfish crows carried off three pieces of stale wheat bread that I pitched out of the back door, before the army of smaller birds landed here.

Yesterday two small young deer wandered into the yard. One came fairly close to the back door and nosed around the trunk of the last catalpa tree standing in this yard. I summoned Paul Baby. While we watched the little animal from the east kitchen window of the little blue house at the end of the road, another ambled out of the woods. The pair drew the attention of Caesar Sartor, the handsome bird dog that we adopted last fall.

When the little visitors edged toward our cool canine kid, I figure that he saw wild ducks or a pair of fancy felled pheasants.

He was ready to jump out of that pen and bring them to us. They headed for the pasture and, no doubt their momma.

It is a good thing Toot was in my arms. She saw the picturesque view, nature at its best as it unfolded.

I am a bit sad when fall give way to winter and I think about the long period of nature' s apparent dormancy. My only hope is that I will survive through winter to see Springtime, when, then, I can witness a joyous rebirth and my world becomes green again.

In the meantime, I will harvest the wonderment and beauty of the season at hand and be grateful for my blessings today.

Paul and I are hosting a fall get together- wiener roast /Halloween party soon.

Our eldest daughter, Starla McHugh lights our fire. She will be present, as well as our grandchildren, great grandchildren and some very special guests.

Tootie, the cutie will keep everyone in line and offer up affection to all. She will be wearing a black and orange jumper and smell like apples.

She will do tricks and I will have treats in my pocket.

Yesterday I received word that my friend Mildred Maxine Rogers McKee of Bloomington California passed away. She was born and reared in my neighborhood. "Mackie's" parents were the late Raymond and Mary Rogers.

Shortly after Brazil Buzz was born, I wrote about the Rogers, a fine hardworking family, friends and neighbors that touched my life in such a special way. Harold sent his sister a copy. She was pleased with the read.

Maxine moved away from Brazil many years ago.

We started corresponding and found that we had plenty to talk about and in common. Maxine and I shared our poetry, other ramblings and relived the past. We became kids again, giggling schoolchildren. If only for a little while, our sorrows softened.

The Rogers were the parents of fourteen children. Two babies died early on. Carl Rogers drown at a young age. Six of the Rogers brothers, Earl, Raymond, John, Roy T, Everett and Harold served their country, honorably.

Maxine was very proud of her brothers. She was equally proud of her two sisters, Goldie Malone and the late, Beverly Rogers Britton.

Of the Rogers siblings, Roy, Goldie and Harold survive her.

I send my condolence to all of Mildred Maxine loved ones near and far.

Thank you, Harold, for your thoughtfulness.

You may reach me at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com

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