Letter to the Editor

Area food program needs volunteers

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To the Editor:

I previously sent a letter asking for help with the Share Food program and was happy with the response I got.

I thank everyone who took advantage of it. We still need more people to try it. I would also like to ask for help with the program.

It is on a volunteer basis and we need help so badly.

It is so gratifying to do this and it only takes a few hours out of a month to do it. We need people to unload the trucks and to get the food organized and then to pass out the food and to take the orders and the money so it takes several people.

They also need someone to take over the position of organizer.

If there is anyone who thinks this would be something they could do and do it justice, please contact me and I will get a hold of the correct person. My number is 442-1061. I would like to challenge any group who wants to do community service or just to install values of helping each other in children to contact us.

Thank you.

Sharon Crawford,