Letter to the Editor

Resident gives thanks to family

Monday, October 12, 2009

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the doctor in attendance and the nurses and staff who took great care of my wife recently at St. Vincent Clay Hospital during her overnight stay as well as the next day before being released.

I would also like to thank Dr. Houston for being the good doctor he is.

I would also like to thank my sister-in-law Lynn Oxby for being there and my daughter, Laura, my granddaughter, Kayla, her sister Rachel, and her boyfriend Rich, my other sister-in-law Jane Walton, and my wife's cousin Julia Sanders, all good people.

I would also like to see a speedy recovery for my sister-in-law Lynn Oxby, who was recently hospitalized at Terre Haute Regional Hospital.

She is now home recuperating, although the recuperating process is slow going. I hope she gets well soon.

She was there for my wife, so my wife is going to her home for her. After all, that's what sisters are for. Her sister Jane is also there trying to help anyway she can.

I would also like to send our condolences to the families of James Ringo and Jerry Wallen, who recently passed away.

My next letter will either be about the past, present or politics.

Until next time, take care and be fair.

John Weddle,