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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I decided to build a doghouse. Lady Pugsley loves to be outside all day and she is so sweet that she might melt if a raindrop hit her. On drizzly days like today, she is cooped up with just a quick walk for the necessary business.

Her pen outback is wet and idle. I thought she would like to have a nice warm house to take refuse in a downpour but be able to roam inside the fence when the weather cleared.

Most people, especially those with building skills, would start out with a plan. I gather scraps from storage and just see what happens. Four full days later, there is a base and 4 walls, double thickness for warmth. The removable roof hasn't happened yet.

The circular saw was smoking. Good neighbor Rick took pity on me and gave me a freebie blade and some advice on carbide tips.

The cordless drill only seems to hold enough charge for extracting my mistakes. Putting in 3-inch deck screws is beyond its capacity.

I constantly unplug the saw and plug in the drill. My extra pair of hands is an orange C clamp. The quick little clothespin type clamps did not survive the first hour. My arms and legs are scratched and bruised.

I have done battle with wood scraps and can now glimpse victory. One more day should mean success. Only five days will have been needed to build one doghouse.

I used the old Craftsman mower with a broken cart to haul my supplies close to the electrical outlet. With a sheet of chip core on the bed of the cart, I had a workstation. The world's heaviest doghouse, still without a roof, seems to be permanently resting there. A crane, or half the neighborhood, will need to assist in getting the doghouse into the dog pen. It won't go through the gate, even if it could be lifted.

The pen will have to be raised over Lady Pugsley's new home once it gets to its destination under the shade tree.

Yesterday would have been completion day but I ran out of liquid nails and caulk. Then discovered the pound of screws that were the right size were used up along with most of a bag of the wrong size, too. After splitting two nice boards, the workday was done. It's time for another trip to Pell's for new supplies when the current monsoon subsides.

John R. Pell called to say he had some tin or rubber sheeting I could use to cover the roof. He and Rosie had dropped off a flowerpot on Saturday and saw me struggling with my project. If ever I get that far, he will have solved a major problem on waterproofing the roof.

I envy those folks that have all the right tools and skills. They go out to build something and three-hours later it looks like the model in a catalog.

All the materials I bought to make raised flowerbeds have morphed into support beams and last year's sun porch cutouts have become walls. I have almost built a doghouse. Lady P will probably eat it the first week but I am still so proud of myself. A roof and a couple coats of paint will finish the summerhouse for her Ladyship.

While I was struggling with the doghouse yesterday, Vince Frost was helping with some home maintenance issues that I needed to have fixed. Vince is a good friend of old neighbor, John Day.

My gutters had not had a good cleaning since John moved. Soon I could have planted garden in those trenches. Vince took care of that and the trees that were scraping the roof. He repaired the old wagon that usually holds a flowerbed. This year, the weeds won but the repairs will get it ready for revitalization next spring.

It is hard to find someone who will do handyman tasks. Most of us can't fix things. John Day has been busy working at Forest Park and does not have the time he used to help out neighbors and friends. He was nice enough to recommend Vince.

The Park Patrol keeps both of the Day boys busy. In fact, John and his brother Buddy are so dedicated that they have come to be known as Yogi and BooBoo.

Clay County Retired Teachers will have a Chili Supper Social on Oct. 27, at 6 p.m., in the Bingo Hall on Kennedy Crossing Road. Each member can bring his/her spouse or a friend. New officers will be installed and 2009 retirees will be honored.

Mark Nov. 8 on the calendar. Harmony United Methodist Church will be hosting a Fish Fry from noon to 3 p.m. Public invited. Regular morning services at our church will be held at 4 p.m., that day. Everyone is invited for service, too.

Today is Packing Day for Operation Classroom at Breden Memorial. The supplies will be sent to 17 schools that are supported by the Methodist Church. A big pat-on-the-back is sent to all the folks that donate and help with this worthwhile mission.

Well, I am off to spend this rainy day at church working on the nativity. Baby Jesus needs a little more repair before getting primer and two coats of paint. There is only a month to finish all those repairs, let them dry and do the painting. We usually put up Christmas decorations at Harmony United Methodist during Thanksgiving weekend. Can you believe the holidays are that close?

Share Food Pick-up Day is Saturday, Oct. 24, from 9-10:30 a.m.

Happy upcoming Birthdays to Greg Jones (19th), Jimmy Pell & Carson Lawrence (20th), Betty Julbert (21st), Ryan London (23rd), and Trent Pell (28th).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Oct. 18 -- Worship Service 9:00, Sunday School 10:45

Oct. 20 -- Christian Bowling League 6:30 p.m.

Oct. 21 -- Clay County Quilters 10-3, Bible Study 9 a.m.

Oct. 26 -- HUM Women 7 p.m.