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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There was a chill in the little blue house at the end of the road this morning. Someone removed his glasses before he fiddled with with the thermostat. We did not want to, but Tootie and I complained, under our breaths, just to keep things cool.

Truth is I am relieved that we can enjoy a break from the rain for a day or two. There is much to do around this place in the fall. Rainy weather hampers progress and dampens spirits.

There is nothing remaining that I can take from the garden. It gave its all. Now the task is to prepare it for bed, properly.

I started to cut the grass, possibly the last time of the mowing season. The homestead property job was within a few feet toward completion when I said, "Oh no! Why the abrupt stop?" A little French came out too! The front end of the well-used rider dug into the earth.

I thought that I lost a belt. I jumped off of my seat and soon realized that the axle broke. I knew then and there that I would not be able to continue.

I was sitting where the old house stood, before the fire claimed it in 1987.

I thought about what Dad would say about my plight. I suppose a sudden shudder came about because breaking tools always tripped his trigger.

The Sears' guy was nearby trimming around the fruit trees in the orchard. He calmed me down, calmly, patted me on the back and offered to order in the parts needed. Good, I thought to myself, "I will be back in business, before the end of the week."

I didn't want my party guests to walk through that healthy growth of wet grasses, later. The wiener roast was to be Friday evening. However, rain brought about a change of plans. We partied inside.

The plan and set-up that we put in place in the yard was abandoned. The rain soaked benches circling some seasoned hardwood logs are still there. Pick up will have to wait until another day.

Well, to date, no parts are ordered because my right hand man cannot get the frozen nut that holds the broken part on to budge. More parts are involved. My mower hangs from the electric hoist, sick as a dog. He put it on hold until next week, when he has time to deal with it. I would ask for a new Craftsman, but I don't want to push the wrong buttons.

My chickens are interested in going for the greens. I have been taking them to my flock of barred rocks.

Remember that shy rooster that I mentioned? I am sure it was the greens that brought him around. He struts now and crows some. The young bachelor has 30 girlfriends and a spring in his step.

Now he looks forward to a short mild winter and warmer spring.

You didn't know that I could read the thoughts of roosters, did you?

Last week I deleted some old emails in error from my computer.

This writer regrets that some had yet to be replied to by me. A faithful reader of The Brazil Times, including "Neighbor's" page requested some information that I have to share with her.

So, Mrs. Frye please forgive, send another email. I need the address.

You will be making noodles like your mother did in no time.

My daughter, Lori Ann Patrick informed the family that she has Swine Flu. She also fell down the stairs of her new home in Denver and sprained her ankle. I sure hope she feels better soon.

I send my condolence to the family of Hallie Marie Hite.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.