Newspapers still deliver

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Editor's Note: This editorial was written by the staff of the Hoosier State Press Association.

Business leaders read reports about major metropolitan newspapers going bankrupt or closing their doors and naturally may wonder about the future viability of this newspaper.

Don't worry because newspapers still deliver. They deliver not only the news a community needs, but customers to local businesses through the advertising welcomed into homes with the newspaper.

Advertising is credited with leading one-third of Hoosiers to make a purchase each week. When asked where they saw or heard the ad that led to that purchase, Hoosiers told American Opinion Research that the vast majority of times it is the newspaper -- not TV, mail, Internet, flyers, radio or magazines.

Business owners should keep in mind the following as they try to determine how best to spend their advertising dollars

* TV viewers often fast forward or change channels when commercials come on;

* Internet users install programs to block pop-up ads;

* Radio stations tout uninterrupted time blocks of music or other programming because they know listeners don't want to hear commercials; and

* But newspaper readers welcome advertising in their newspaper because they value it as much as the news content.

When it comes to the utility of different media in the actual shopping process, research found that Hoosier adults place newspaper advertising and inserts at the top of the list. Eight out of 10 Hoosiers said newspaper advertising is "very useful."

Do you know that according to Indiana Nielsen and SRDS circulation research, every day, more Hoosier households read their daily newspaper than watch all local TV evening newscasts combined?

Or that every day, 2.8 million Hoosiers read the newspaper?

These and other facts on the strength of newspapers in providing news and advertising information found nowhere else are not the vital statistics of a dying industry but the statistics vital to your company's success.

The numbers make it clear -- Newspapers Still Deliver.