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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Harmony United Methodist Women will meet this Monday, in Fellowship Hall at the church. Sheila Termeer will be the hostess. She and her mother, Mayme Johnson-Cox will team up to do the lesson. The ladies will be discussing the upcoming Fish Fry and making plans for the Christmas party. They will also discuss missions that have been funded and others that will need assistance.

Harmony Methodist and Lena will have a Baptism Service for this year's confirmation Class. It will be this Sunday, at 4 p.m., at McKinley Hill Church.

United Methodist Men will meet at Union Church on Airport Road for breakfast this Saturday at 8 a.m.

The Harmony Town Council will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 3 in the Community House. Meetings start at 7:30 p.m., and is open to the public.

Nov. 8 will be here before we know it. Harmony United Methodist will be hosting a Jonah Fish Fry from noon-3 p.m. Our regular morning worship will be held at 4 p.m. that day. Everyone is invited to attend.

Brenda Shorter and Judy Maurer are heading up the plans for the Fish Fry. They are scheduling workers, getting folks to cook up the side dishes, and doing the publicity. Judy and Brenda are the dynamic duo. If they don't contact you for help, give them a call. There is a job for everyone.

The duo had asked me to start on the bulletin boards a few weeks ago. They suggested a lighthouse theme. Two bulletin boards are now done with two more in the planning stages. Hopefully, Mayme Cox and I can team up on the last two. We always try to keep one for the quilters back in the corner where they work. It hasn't had a new look for months and needs attention.

I heard the good neighbors who bought the abandoned property to the south of us have sold it. I was sorry to hear that the Kings would not have it anymore. They have done such a good job in cleaning up the area. None of the neighbors seem to know who purchased the property from the Kings. We just hope whoever continues the good work but leaves that nice stand of trees along the fence.

Three other properties along Harmony Road have new owners but I haven't met any of them yet. Maybe the real estate market, at least in our little town, is making a comeback.

Celebration Christian Center is presenting a drama at the church on three different nights: Oct. 24, at 6 p.m., and Oct. 29-30, at 7 p.m. It is a very intense production intended for older kids and adults. Alternative entertainment will be provided for kids 10 and under while the older crowd is viewing the production. The public is invited.

The play is called "Guardians and Fiends". It is based on the writings of C. S. Lewis. Many people have worked hard putting together the play, lighting, sounds, and scenery. Sister-in-law Eva Trout-Roach has been working on costumes for weeks. She is very good at creating a particular look for a scene.

Celebration is located on the east side of Terre Haute at 10001 E. Margaret Drive (not Avenue). The easiest way to get there is to go west on U.S. 40, then four miles south on Tabertown Road, then west mile. If you need more directions or have questions call the church at 894-3331.

Celebration is also hosting a Harvest Party as an alternative to Halloween. This will begin at 7 p.m., on Oct. 31. Children are encouraged to wear fun costumes, no scary ones, please. They will be treated to games and candy. The adults will have a chili cook-off. Kids of all ages are invited.

It has been a traumatic week at my house. My cute, new, little truck is all crunched up and ugly. The first new truck I ever owned looks like a pop can on its way to recycling. I was taking such good care of it and trying to be so careful. My Toyota rolled over and played dead in 1975. That was my only other vehicle trauma.

I had taken Lady Pugsley and Dusty Dog out to the Grooming Shed for some much needed shampoo, nail trim, hair trim, etc. The shop is next to Mrs. Hardey's home. It was a good thing I put both of them in cages when we started to leave. The Hardey's have a long steep drive leading down to Highway 40, near Staunton Road.

The truck rolled down the driveway. I was grabbing at the steering wheel and door trying to jump on board and hit the brakes. The truck kept going faster and faster. My chubby legs could not keep up. My two best buddies were in the back.

My heart stopped when a car hit the truck and Lady Pugsley's cage was airborne. She flew straight into the air. I was still running down the drive. I could see Lady P. moving in her cage across the highway, landing in someone's driveway, but couldn't get to her. I had no idea where Dusty was through all this.

Finally, there was a break in traffic and I could get across 40. The door had broken off Dusty's cage but he was still inside. Miraculously both dogs were okay, scared wide-eyed but okay. Lady P had let loose of everything she had planned for her walk but who could blame her. Dusty acted really strange until he got to his own driveway at home and then he was fine. I have watched them for four days but they really are okay.

My little silver Ranger was not so lucky. The driver side had bounced off a tree on the way down the hill. It survived the crossing, but terrified the motorists, in the westbound lane. The truck continued down into the median and out the other side.

It did not survive the eastbound traffic. The man that hit it tried so hard to stop that he locked up his brakes. Smoke was rolling. Due to traffic in the passing lane, he had nowhere to go and plowed into the passenger side of the Ranger. I thought his car was catching fire. Still my little truck was going downhill.

The Ranger was stopped by an old Suburban in the driveway across the highway from the Hardey home. That is one solid old vehicle. The whole front end of my truck looked like it had hit a stone mountain but did very little damage to the Suburban. The only part of my truck that wasn't crunched was the tailgate. Even the new bedliner was scraped.

The nice man, in the car that could not stop, was not hurt. He was by himself so his wife and girls were not hurt either. His poor car had to be put on a truck and hauled away.

Thanks to the Hardey family and especially Officer Hardey who responded to the 911 call. I did not catch the name of the other officer. Everyone was so nice. Someone picked up Lady P's cage and put her in the truck bed. People tried to help.

A lady I don't even know came up and gave me a hug. Brother Mikey and Karen came out to rescue me. Don't let anyone tell you there are no nice people left in the world because I met several on Friday evening.

The Ranger was the first new truck I had ever owned. My practical side always opted for good used vehicles with a few miles on them. With the Cash for Clunkers deal, I bought my first new one and had been getting excellent gas mileage with it. It was so easy to drive that the Envoy had been parked for three weeks. The little Ranger went everywhere. It had 400 miles on it.

Although it has been traumatic and exhausting, I have said several prayers of thanks. I know what could have happened to my buddies and me. I know the whole thing could have been much worse than it was. God was with us.

Had the truck gone just a few more feet, it would have run over two dogs chained by the driveway or hit the people's house.

Yes, my arm and back feel like they have been pulled out of place. But a chubby girl, trying to stop a moving truck with her bare hands, could have ended up as road kill. Luckily, I survived stupidity. Smart people don't try to grab a moving vehicle.

The nice man in the car is okay. I feared someone would be killed or seriously injured when the truck went into traffic moving at probably more than 55 mph. For an instant, I could see mounds of twisted cars on top of each other and bodies strewn everywhere. How that truck made it as far as it did and no one was seriously hurt, I don't know.

My insurance man, Dale Loughmiller at Allied, has been very nice in trying to get everything taken care of as timely as possible. Ranger has gone back to Bob Bowen either for final rights or repairs. It hasn't been decided yet. Poor Boys towed it out there this morning. That was another nice person. He was very sympathetic about my poor little silver can.

Bad things happen. That's life. I hibernated for a couple of days then God sent a beautiful warm sunny day for me to go out and play in the yard. That was just what my spirit needed.

The grass is almost all mowed. Many leaves have made it to the compost pile. The fall decorations are in the driveway. The leaves have been fished out of the fish pond. Maybe I will finally finish building that doghouse this afternoon. Weatherman says the monsoons return tomorrow. Whatever the mess, God sends rainbows.

Share Food Pick-up Day is today, from 9-10:30 a.m. The next sign-up date is Nov. 14.