Letter to the Editor

'Rainbow Effect' in full view

Sunday, October 25, 2009

To the Editor:

What is it about this young girls' tragic and untimely death that has brought about so many miraculous signs of hope and joy amidst such sorrowful circumstances?

I think we as a community, along with our children, neighbors, and families have come to a closer, more intimate spiritual awareness of ourselves and each other as human beings.

Halie Marie Hite has had the unique and blessed ability to turn a "heartlight" on in all those that knew her or that she came in contact with and countless more that will never be able to be counted. This much as the theory in "six degrees of separation" is the Halie Rainbow Beam Effect.

A miraculous and stunningly beautiful rainbow appearing over the atmosphere, on exactly the right day, at exactly the perfect time was "Halie's Rainbow." What some have called a "Godwink," a sign, a gift that was so desperately needed filled the souls of every person there, not just those from whom the rainbow was meant for. It was yet another example of Halie turning our "heartlight's" on yet again.

What is it about Halie's spirit that has us chasing rainbows? The comforting words of Brother Bill Brock helped us put a biblical perspective on it, during this time of grief and sorrow some of us have tested our faith, others have found our faith at last.

Mr. Bob Medworth's words of encouragement admist our pain, to smile, to do something for others as Halie would have done has started this Rainbow Beam Effect on our community and reached out to other cities and towns.

It is this "pay it forward" miracle that Halie's memory has awakened in all of us. Within these simple acts of kindness, another beam of the beautiful rainbow extends its invitation for you to do the same, to share with one another a smile, to look in each other's eyes, a pride in being thankful. We all want to be happier and have that zest for life that Halie had and shared without even knowing it with all those around her.

There are moments that we all have taken for granted in the past that now we embrace with a passion unbridled. We now have knowledge that we could be missing something, just as that moment passes. We all have more genuine awareness and awakening of how truly blessed we are in all that we have and even in what we have not.

We have a great appreciation for the tasks that we do everyday and are grateful for it. Those of us that are parents are more in tune to their children's smile, laughter, and yes, even their tears. I have heard less complaining and more "I love you's" from young and old alike. There are more embraces, "How was your day?" has turned into a conversation instead of a fleeting one word answer.

The wrenching truth is that Halie was our daughter, our sister, our nieces, our granddaughter, our cousin, our best friend. She was all of that to all of us. She is our heartlight. Pam and Tony, thank you so much for allowing all of us to share in your wonderful gift.

Listening to others talk with one another, watching how we are acting towards each other, my observations are this on Halie's peers in this community, these young people have pulled our community together like I have never seen. Their strength and fortitude with all their heartlights glowing shines through the darkest of hours.

If this is what we have to look forward to as our future citizens, not only of our small town, county, state and country, but our world, then we are a truly blessed people.

The testament of her life is living through the legacy of her spirit...

Keep on Chasing Rainbows... HMH 9-10-94-10-08-09

Tami Craig Davis,


Laugh your heart out,

Dance in the rain,

Cherish the moment,

Ignore the pain,

Live, Laugh, Love,

Forget and forgive,

Life's too short to be

Living with regrets