Letter to the Editor

Keeping an eye on White House

Sunday, November 1, 2009

To the Editor:

Are you watching what is going on in the White House?

There seems to be many appointees with questionable backgrounds. I always thought that one branch of government kept watch over the other branches. Apparently, not in this administration.

Anita Dunn, in charge of White House communication, admits that one of the philosophers she looks to for guidance is Mau Tse Tung, the communist who killed 50-70 million of his own people. She admits that during the presidential campaign, they controlled the media by releasing the press releases directly to the media so there would be no "why" questions.

Then, there was Van Jones, who was a card carrying communist. After exposure and some pressure, he stepped down.

Now, we have the pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg. How did he get the power to control employees' pay in some companies? He didn't. Regardless of how much money was given to these companies, there were no stipulations or contracts. A board of directors of a company is supposed to be running the business, not the government.

Mark Lloyd was appointed as an officer in charge of diversity under the FCC. In the past year, he gave a speech praising Chavez of Venezuela for controlling the media so he could be re-elected. Does he plan to control our radio and TV? And next would be newspapers and magazines. And how about the new czar that will be in charge of "Network Neutrality?" He will be overlooking the business of the Internet.

Ron Bloom, manufacturing czar, doesn't believe in the free market system. In a speech he gave, he agrees with Mao that political power comes from the end of a gun.

We should all be outraged by the radical, revolutionaries, Marxist and Mao followers that have been appointed to this administration.

President Obama himself made the comment to look at the people that he picks to surround himself and that will determine the direction he is taking. This is getting scary. Will there will be someone looking over your shoulder for every ting you do?

Roberta Buell,

Bowling Green