Letter to the Editor

Reader praises House of Hope

Sunday, November 1, 2009

To the Editor:

I want to give all the thanks in the world to the House of Hope.

In August, I had surgery and was off of work with no pay for three-and-a-half weeks and my refrigerator went out on me while I was in the hospital for a whole week and all of the food that I had just purchased, more than $150 worth, went spoiled.

I called several places to see if they could help me in purchasing a fridge and I also got on the Internet and found a couple of free fridges and I did try out two of them, but came to find out they did not work. So I was back to the beginning without a fridge.

I have two children and one is now 11-months-old and she still uses formula and I had no way to keep this cold, so a lot of formula went bad as well.

Then one day, my father told me to call the House of Hope to see if they knew anybody that might have a fridge and they actually had a fridge that they gave me free of charge and even brought it to me and set it up in my house.

Thank God for these people. They are wonderful and I want to let everyone know that they have between two and four huge yard sales each year and at excellent prices and they always have some kind of dinner going on that, believe me, is well worth the cost.

I always leave stuffed and still have leftovers on my plate because of their big helpings.

All of the money goes to a good cause.

Please support these people by either donations or going to these functions because they really do give back to the community.

Thank you again, House of Hope.

Jennifer Compton,