Letter to the Editor

Visit to area orchard wonderful

Sunday, November 8, 2009

To the Editor:

This is a letter praising the business man at West Orchard.

On the afternoon of Oct. 24, my husband, his 90-year-old grandmother and myself went to West Orchard for apples but we were blessed with more.

My husband's grandmother grew up in this area and was here for a short visit. On our way to her great-great-grandson's birthday party, we stopped at West Orchard.

The very nice man at the orchard (forgive me, I don't know your name), greeted me and helped me with my purchase.

While there, we engaged in small talk and in the conversation.

I spoke of my husband's grandmother, who was enjoying the riding around and seeing familiar sites once again.

This nice man carried my apples to my car and while there, asked her if she would like a Bible, to which she replied she would love one.

The gentleman brought out a brand new large print Bible for her and it was free. I just want him to know how much this meant to her. She spoke of his generosity all day and that night, brought out the Bible and admired its beauty.

This was such a great gift and it was very appreciated.

Oh, and by the way, the apples were delicious and made tasty apple butter.

May God bless you,

Tim, Lisa and Ollie Butts,